ED: Are those all the memories you have?
: I’m giving bullet points. I love Murray’s Deli. Those things shape you, growing up on the Main Line in the 1980s. It was a well-rounded area.

  Daily Grind wrinkle-free dress shirt, Bonobos ($78). Boxers, Neiman Marcus ($30). King of Prussia Mall, 610-962-6200. Tie, Hugo Boss ($95). King of Prussia Mall, 610-992-1400. Cox stripe socks, Thomas Pink ($30). King of Prussia Mall, 610-265-1755.

ED: So what was it like going back to Philly to shoot The Mighty Macs?
DB: It was great to shoot in Philly. I felt like the mayor coming back. I had fun with Carla [Gugino]. It’s a journey film for her character, and about how females are portrayed in that time—not as go-getters, but as stay-at-home moms. To see a person like Cathy Rush emerge to make the dream she believes in come true—I was proud to be a part of it.

ED: I played a coach’s wife in Glory Days. Did you meet Ed Rush?
DB: Ironically, I met Ed Rush through my friend at high school. Ed took us to a few Sixers games. It’s bizarre that I’m playing him in the film. I actually wore his officiating jersey. I remember meeting Dr. J and Darryl Dawkins on the floor with Ed.

ED: How was it to work with Carla?
DB: Carla was fun. She’s a practical joker though. She found this old picture of me in a bathtub—a sexy shot—and she put it on a T-shirt. She wore one, the director wore one. She’s very prepared and intense.

ED: I don’t have intensity?
DB: [Laughs] You have a calmer intensity.

ED: Coming back to Bones, we are both producers on the show, and you have directed a few of my favorite episodes. You are great and passionate at directing, and that really comes across. It’s infectious to be around you. If Bones ends, do you want to pursue directing?
DB: I enjoy doing it, and it would be nice to do it without acting at the same time. I would like to do a small indie feature with a really good cast—even a short. That would be a lot of fun, to experiment with that. I would like to pursue directing television, film, and/or theater. I’m learning more about directing each time I do it.

ED: It’s funny we are talking about your career plans—the rumor is you were discovered while walking your dog.
DB: It’s a bit of a Schwab’s [Pharmacy, in Hollywood] thing. My manager, Tom—who is still my manager—saw me walking my dog in West Hollywood. He said he was cruising me. A few days later, I scored an interview with him and realized he was the guy who saw me.

ED: Do you have any early-career stories from that time?
DB: I tried to get auditions by dressing in a suit and pretending I worked at Paramount. I handed out résumés. I walked right on the set of Cheers once and blended into the background. They called lunch, so I got a free lunch. I once snuck onto Columbia’s lot and was on the set of Dracula. I played Hacky Sack with Keanu Reeves.

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