FROM TOP: Costars, best buds: Deschanel and Boreanaz in Bones; Mixing patterns like a pro: Boreanaz in The Mighty Macs

ED: Since this is the Men’s Issue, how would you describe your style?
DB: I am all about the socks. Paul Smith socks.

ED: Do you have stock in that company?
DB: My character wears them. I integrated them with my character. Being comfortable from the bottom up is important for me.

ED: You do wear Vans.
DB: Yeah. I feel grounded. My own personal style is blazers, crisp shirts, refined suits—Paul Smith, Dolce & Gabbana, and Valentino, and Brioni makes a fantastic sports jacket that I love to rock. But there are days where I’m a T-shirt-and- jeans guy. I love vintage; I wish I lived back then.

ED: That vintage look suits you. I heard you got to wear polyester in The Mighty Macs.
DB: It was itchy. I was so goddamn itchy.

ED: Any embarrassing clothes stories?
DB: I have worn bad things—for example, a brown long coat I wore to the American Music Awards that looked like Chewbacca. What was I thinking or drinking that night? It was like mohair. It was a bad, bad coat. I got rid of it a long time ago. I like classic—simple, clean, and effective. That’s my style. That’s the only way to get through.

ED: My favorite look of yours is in our scenes in the car. You wear athletic shorts and shoes with a nice jacket and tie on top.
DB: They do that on newscasts.

ED: Did your dad do that?
DB: No, he was in weather, so he had to stand.

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