The heated pool at the Spa at the Four Seasons.

Ame Salon and Spa
Always on the forefront of spa treatments, this favorite Main Line spa destination’s Mu-Xing massage takes organic products to the next level. Using bamboo and rosewood sticks—hand-crafted, warmed, and oiled—this decadent treatment involves the masseuse using long, rhythmic strokes to provide total relaxation while melting away muscle pain and tension. And not only does it feel good—it also stimulates the lymphatic system and fosters optimum blood flow. 111 Waynewood Ave., Wayne, 610-995-2631

Harmonia Healing Arts Spa
No matter what ails you, the Body Sculpting massage at Wayne’s Harmonia Healing Arts Spa can be personalized to what your body most needs, according to your body type. Whether it’s tension in the neck or tight shoulders, or the need for a full body rubdown, the masseuse uses expert hands-on experience and exotic plant extracts to make you feel utterly rested and restored. 411/413 E. Lancaster Ave., Wayne, 610-688-1007

Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon
Joseph Anthony Retreat Spa and Salon’s Lotus Massage is just one of the myriad outside-of-the-box treatments offered at this upscale destination spa. After spending some time lounging in the brine waterfall relaxation room, a guest and her therapist will both be fitted with sound-canceling headphones that pipe in music from around the world. The masseuse then uses the beat and tempo of the music as inspiration for the massage, making each stroke uniquely relaxing. 243 W. Baltimore Pike, Glen Mills, 610-459-4663

Mellow Massage Therapy Center
Moms-to-be need to be pampered, and there’s no place that does it better than at the Massage Therapy Center. Available after the first trimester, special support cushions are used, and the therapists are well trained in what not only feels good to the mom, but also what’s the healthiest and safest for the baby. After all, months of carrying around a little one in your belly can do a number on your back (and legs, and neck…). 3502 Scotts Lane, 215-843-2234

Rescue Rittenhouse Spa
Rescue Rittenhouse is one of the city’s most lauded spas, and for good reason—it toes the line between decadent relaxation and therapeutic services. And its hot stone massage is no exception. Heated flat, smooth stones are expertly placed on key points of one’s back and on the palms, while the gentle heat of the stones warms muscles into submission and total relaxation. 255 S. 17th St., 2nd Fl., 215-772-2766

Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon
For those weekend warriors who pushed themselves a bit too far, the Sports Massage at Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon in The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, will take away your pain. Easing muscle soreness and tension by using techniques like trigger-point massage and acupressure, this intense massage gets down into the deep layers of muscle tissue. Be sure to arrive half an hour early and hit the sauna to make sure those tight muscles are pliable. Ten Avenue of the Arts, 215-523-8035

The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia
From the moment you walk into The Spa at Four Seasons, guests are immediately enveloped in sublime serenity, so it’s only fitting that their Total Tranquility massage is a standout treatment. Using chamomile, sandalwood, vetiver, and patchouli oils to calm your senses and applying gentle strokes to lull you into an otherworldly state of relaxation, this massage is the ultimate in sensory decadence. And when the massage is done, extend the tranquility with a dip in the indoor heated pool. 1 Logan Square, 215-963-1500

The Spa at The Sporting Club
Where else would you go in Philly for an athletic massage other than The Spa at The Sporting Club? A hybrid of Swedish and deep-tissue massage, this treatment combines controlled stretching with superconcentrated, penetrating strokes. Top it off with yummy-smelling White Flower oil, and your overworked muscles will feel decidedly less tense. And there’s no need to be a member in order to hit the massage table. 224 S. Broad St., 215-985-4142

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