ANY STYLE SETTER WORTH her vintage Chanel knows she must understand the past to make a worthwhile impression on the future. In this spirit, we applaud the arrival of DeLatori, a luxurious line of fine jewelry from Ori and Tal Zemer, sons of Charriol USA distributors and 18k gold division designers Jack and Sandy Zemer, and Charriol USA senior vice president of sales Marilyn Harrell.

The San Diego-based trio has realized the Zemers’ longtime dream of a brand to call their own, which draws on their shared love of world history to bring a feeling of timeless elegance to the modern treasure seeker. “Our design and brand emphasis is on today’s woman,” says copresident Ori. “It’s more about all the roles she plays during the day and her busy lifestyle.”

For its debut, DeLatori offers the Pompeii Collection, which conjures the artisanship of the storied Roman Empire in sterling silver pieces with precious stones and 18k gold electroplate. Each piece is engraved with the signature DeLatori flower, and the collection draws inspiration from Greco-Roman architecture. Handwrought filigree and turquoise imbue rings with a museum quality, and DeLatori’s Drusy quartz creates opulent, eye-catching statements in bracelets, rings and earrings. An assortment of bangles range from understated to opulent. Perhaps the most striking design element is the Pompeii Coin motif, modeled after the currency of the era, with the DeLatori name on its face. The motif is available on rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants.

While the collection’s design inspiration is steeped in history, don’t get the wrong impression: Each piece lends itself beautifully to modern dressing—and was designed with precisely that in mind. Says Ori: “We offer a collection that is as beautiful as the women who wear it, regardless of where they live.” Available at Mark’s Jewelers, 921C Bethlehem Pike, Montgomeryville, 215-362-7132

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