IT’S EVERY GIRL’S DREAM to have beautiful, easy-to-manage hair, the kind that still looks perfect in the rain or after you just rolled out of bed. Salon Thalia, the spacious cut-and-color destination on tony Washington Square, specializes in a variety of treatments that can turn tired, dull strands into smooth and healthy locks. The most popular service here is the Keratin Complex Treatment, which uses a formaldehyde-free, protein- enriched formula to restore hair to its original state, countering the negative effects of product buildup, heat styling and hair color.

The process takes a few hours from start to finish, so make sure to set aside some extra time for the service. First a stylist will triple-wash your hair to get it extra clean, then blow-dry it until just damp. The Keratin Complex Treatment is then applied to hair with a brush. After letting the formula sit for a short while, the stylist goes over locks with a flat iron to seal in the treatment. After three days, during which you’ll be instructed not to wash your hair or pull it into a ponytail, you’ll come back for a follow-up wash and blow-dry.

That’s when you’ll see the transformative effects of the treatment: Blow-dry time is significantly reduced, and hair remains straight, doing away with the need for flat-ironing. Results typically last three to five months or even longer with the use of the recommended shampoos and conditioners. Make sure to ask for Leanna, who performs the service at least once a week. To schedule an appointment, call 215-625-0900 or visit

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