Perfect Eggs Beneditct at a.Kitchen

February 27, 2012 | Food & Drink News

Start the day off right: a breakfast for champions

  Chef Sikora at work

Assembling a stellar dinner menu is challenging enough for any chef at the helm of a new restaurant. But orchestrating equally strong offerings for breakfast and lunch could be enough to hang up your kitchen whites. “Breakfast and lunch are not the black sheeps of the menu,” say chef Bryan Sikora. “They are just as important as dinner. It’s an impressionable time because people are typically alone and more inclined to just walk in. If they enjoy their experience, they’ll come back later.” It’s these meals that best reflect the restaurant’s mission to serve the neighborhood, like “a small country kitchen,” says Sikora. His penchant for seasonal ingredients influences these menus, too, but in more subtle ways. “We take simple steps to make things more interesting and incorporate house-made ingredients.” Fresh-from-thegriddle English muffins are the pillowy bases for country sausage and a fried egg, while smoked salmon and toasted bagels offer a morning riff on the Napoleon. Even the coffee experience here promises something altogether different thanks to single-origin pour overs (think a Frenchpress quality brew without the French press) from Counter Culture, a coffee company that works directly with farmers for hand-crafted beans.


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