Q&A: Couture Dressmaker Irina Sigal

December 03, 2012 | by —Michelle Mass | Homepage

Premier couture designer and Philadelphia fashion icon, Irina Sigal, is opening a namesake boutique in Center City this week (December 6). The MyPHL 17’s “Best Alterations and Tailoring” award winner recently caught up with Philadelphia Style to discuss her new store, inspirations, and personal style. 2038 Locust St., Center City, 215-772-1121

What about Center City made it the location for your store?
IRINA SIGAL: The custom pieces I create always have a personality and boldness to them, which I find is ideal for the women who live here.

Do you have any new winter items of note?
IS: One of my favorite designs for the winter is our tailored coats. This year the coats are feminine and well-fitted, sitting on the body somewhat like a dress. With the classic combination of black and white, the coats are made with beautiful unusual lining, and are a must-have for the season!

What is your top inspiration? 
IS: My inspiration can come from anywhere, and often comes when I least expect it. An idea can come to me from finding a beautiful fabric, a small detail on a handbag, or a city I have traveled [to]. Most often, however, it is a woman’s vision or personality that inspires my designs. Combining fashion with individuality brings endless possibilities.

And, what about Philadelphia inspires you the most?
IS: I have always loved the city. At heart I am a city woman, and I enjoy the energy and the pace of city living.

What do you think is most exciting about the fashion industry?
IS: It’s constantly evolving, going backward and forward in time. However, what is flattering to a woman’s body remains the same no matter what the latest fashion dictates. This is what I find most exciting about fashion—helping women stay within what is perfectly flattering to their individual shapes while adding a touch of the latest trend.

How would you describe your personal style?
IS: When it comes to my personal style, I have somewhat of a double personality. Inside I am attracted to the classic, timeless, Chanel pieces, but often when I leave the house my outfit can be described as avant-garde. I have a classic style, but at the same time I am not afraid to take risks when it comes to fashion. Although I must admit that when it comes to color, black is always my preference.

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