Shop We Love: Vintage Now

September 19, 2011 | by —CHRISTINA PELLEGRINI | Pursuits

The area’s finest trove of vintage and antique home wares is carefully tucked away inside an unassuming address: the basement of a now-closed 100-year-old pasta factory in Norristown. If anything, this only adds to the thrill of shopping at Vintage Now. “The style of our store is very eclectic,” says Amy Tyrrell, who co-owns the shop with Kerri Farragut. “Modern mixed with antiques—we’re looking for things you are not going to see every day.” The duo, who frequent antiques auctions, fl ea markets and estate sales, give new life to one-of-akind accessories and furniture. There’s a pair of decorative brass giraffes and a century-old stone patio set culled from an estate in Chestnut Hill. Pieces from soughtafter names like sculptor C. Jere and La Barge are also coveted fi nds. Because they sell both antiques and vintage items, Tyrrell and Farragut pick up anything that is visually interesting and in mint condition. “People want something unique,” says Tyrrell. “They don’t want to buy massmarket.” 910 E. Main St., Ste. B, Norristown

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