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by: 1859 Wellness Spa & Salon by: 1859 Wellness Spa & Salon | November 12, 2021 | Style & Beauty Sponsored Post

Beth Ann White and Beverly Weaver are striving to touch one soul at a time at their business, 1859 Wellness Spa & Salon. As the co-owners and managers,White and Weaver have found success through perseverance, hard work, integrity and a strong belief of supporting each other as friends, family and colleagues.


White and Weaver do their best every day to inspire their clients to make them feel their best, providing transformational services that make clients’ beauty shine from the inside out. This interest in making people feel good about themselves started at a young age for the dynamic duo, and their passion for boosting clients’ self-esteem continues to grow.

On top of being inspirations to their clients, Weaver and White also work hard to mentor and support their team members, offering specialized training to the professionals they employ, giving men and women a place to come and grow.

From massages and facials, lash extensions and nail care, to hair styling, makeup and waxing, White and Weaver believe in keeping their heads and their hearts going in the right direction, which they do by continuously investing in their business to offer upscale services to their clients.

Their newest adventure to come will be adding medspa skin care to their lineup of services, as well as a set of series for massages, facials and more. Plus, White and Weaver are working on developing membership packages and discounts for first responders as a way to give back to the community they call home.

4259 Main St., Philadelphia (Manayunk), PA 19127



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