DJ Jazzy Jeff Recalls When "Philadelphia Style" Started

By A.D. Amorosi, Antonia DePace, Kristin Detterline and Marni Manko | May 4, 2019 | People

DJ Jazzy Jeff: Grammy-Winning, Producer & DJ


I’ve watched Philadelphia Style grow from getting delivered to my house to the point that there’s times that I’m in other parts of the country and I’ll see one across a table, and I’ll just kind of smile, like, ‘I remember when they started!’—that’s definitely special. When you share those humble beginnings of trying to make people understand what you’re doing, and those humble beginnings turn into 20 years later, you have nothing but appreciation for what it took to get there. Philadelphia Style is my magazine. You know what I mean? It’s our generation’s [version] of what’s going on in Philadelphia. That was the first time that I could pick up a magazine and see so many people in it that I knew. The events that I was at, events that I DJ’ed, the people behind the scenes in the magazine...if you go out in Philadelphia, Philadelphia Style is there. It’s yours.

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