Nicole Cashman Reveals Her Proudest Career Moment

By A.D. Amorosi, Antonia DePace, Kristin Detterline and Marni Manko | May 3, 2019 | People

Nicole Cashman: Founder & CEO, Cashman & Associates


After 20 years of working in this city, I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people and organizations. And I know where all the bodies are buried! As I’ve built my business and watched the city grow, I’m incredibly grateful to have been a part of the renaissance the city has experienced. Twenty years ago, it was Neil Stein and Stephen Starr, and that was just the very beginning. Now, if you look at the landscape, Philadelphia has truly established our place on the world’s restaurant stage. I work with the James Beard Foundation, and they weren’t even coming to Philadelphia three years ago, so the fact that we’re now being recognized as a major food and hospitality city is a major accomplishment and something I’m incredibly proud of. From a personal standpoint, I’m even more proud of whatever contributions or impact I’ve made on women. I’m honored that I’ve had the ability to mentor, guide and hopefully even inspire young women to make their mark on the city. It has been a defining element of the last two decades for me.

Photography by: Photography Courtesy of Gregg Delman