5 Fitness Studios to Try Out This Summer

By Claudia Langella | June 19, 2019 | Lifestyle

In recent years, a number of new fitness studios have opened in the Philadelphia area. Each studio offers not only a good workout, but fun classes that get your body moving. Here are five fitness studios to try out this summer.



Small movements are incorporated into pilates, but SLT takes it to another level. Using the Megaformer pilates machine, classes include pushing and pulling movements that use your own bodyweight in order to work up a good sweat. Slow pulses allow the body to build stamina and increase muscle development. $32 a class, 1625 Walnut St., 267.639.4605, sltnyc.com

Rumble Boxing


For a Rocky Balboa-inspired workout, head to Rumble Boxing. The workout begins either on the floor or with the punching bag, and includes five rounds of boxing and five rounds of circuits that target your abs and lower body. Either in a class or with a private trainer, the workout boosts your metabolism by combining six types of punches with high intensity cardio. $34 a class, 1520 Walnut St., rumble-boxing.com

Chestnut Hill Cycle Fitness


Three of the most popular types of workout classes are available at this Chestnut Hill studio: Spin, Sculpt and Barre. Each class is designed to target a specific fitness goal. The studio also sells Lululemon apparel and fresh pressed juice from Top of the Hill Market. $20 a class, 89 Bethlehem Pike, 484.369.9206, chcyclefitness.com

Unite Fitness


Unite Fitness is known for their three-part workout. Cardio opens up the class and is followed by the strength training portion, using weights, suspension straps, bands and plyometrics to build muscle. Yoga, foam rolling and stretching completes this hour-long workout so your body can fully recover. $28 a class, various locations, unitefitness.com

CorePower Yoga


Whether you’re a beginner or a full fledged yogi, CorePower Yoga has a class for you. CorePower Yoga 1 and Yoga 2 are designed to introduce newcomers to the practice of yoga. Once you’re more experienced, move onto Yoga Sculpt, which incorporates weightlifting in order to build more muscle. CorePower Yoga also offers hot yoga, where the room reaches one-hundred degrees Farenhiet, combining a detox into your workout. $26 a class, 1616 Walnut St., 215.515.2440, corepoweryoga.com

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