5 Superbly Stylish Spring Sneakers

By Emma Elsmo | March 5, 2019 | Style & Beauty

As the weather warms up, we find ourselves more inclined to go out and about in the smile-inducing sunshine and spring-scented breeze. However, any woman knows that walking around in heels and sandals can be a bit of a challenge, so why bother when you can stroll around in fabulous sneakers? Here’s a collection of five spring pairs that’ll keep you moving comfortably and elevate your style.

Louboutin Roller Boat Women’s Flats


Roller Boat Women’s Flats, Louboutin, $1,295, us.christianlouboutin.com

From a brand that’s known for its red-soled heels comes a next level rubber-soled shoe. Louboutin’s recently released sneaker line is filled with the iconic rhinestone studs and specchio leather, however the Roller Boat Women’s Flats are the epitome of daring, avant garde fashion. The easy slip-on style shoe is complimented by sparking spikes, and the neutral base color means they’ll match anything in your spring wardrobe flawlessly.

Common Projects classic tennis shoes


Classic tennis shoes, Common Projects, $342, farfetch.com

Common Projects offers tennis shoe enthusiasts several amazing and agreeable footwear options, but the bold red color of these lace-up sneakers is what makes them stand out from the rest. The gold number print on the side gives these shoes a modern, almost tech-like, twist, and wearing them out will make your ensemble utterly eye-catching.

Fendi Silver leather sneakers


Silver Leather Sneakers, Fendi, $650, fendi.com

Let the silver leather shine this spring with Fendi’s buckskin embossed slip-ons. The dainty pink accent, bold black label and wavy edgework make these shoes impossible not to fall in love with.

Lanvin Embroidered Satin High-Top Sneakers


Embroidered Satin High-Top Sneakers, Lanvin, $1,150, lanvin.com

Hubert de Givenchy said, “Luxury is in each detail,” and by those standards, the Lanvin Satin High Tops are some of the finest luxury money can buy. The intricate embroidery that ornaments these elegant sneakers is detailed beyond belief, which means they’re guaranteed to be the topic of conversation in any room you walk into.

Feit Women's Runner in White


Women’s Runners in White, Feit, $540, feitdirect.com

The impeccable craftsmanship that goes into Feit’s footwear is impossible to deny, and the exposed stitchwork on their Women’s Runners makes it visible to the eye. Made with the finest of leather, the seamless one-piece shoes are casually elegant and will round out any spring outfit with ease.

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