5 Ways to Tie Spring Into Your Home Before It's Actually Here

By Emma Elsmo | February 11, 2019 | Home & Real Estate

As winter drags on, the constantly monochromatic landscape and below freezing temperatures make it hard to imagine that spring is even on its way. However, while it stays cold and colorless outside, it’s incredibly easy to spruce up your home in preparation for the eagerly anticipated change of season. So as January comes to a close, and February keeps you chilled to the bone, here are five in-home accents to brighten up your life.

Melange Indoor Area Rug


Melange Indoor Area Rug, Company C, $425-$2,995, companyc.com

Even though the entirety of outside is a portrait painted in wintery white and gray, it doesn’t mean your home has to be. Add shades of red, blue, and yellow to your home as bursts of color with this vibrant patterned area rug.

Floral Study with Butterflies


Floral Study with Butterflies, Ethan Allen, $1,579, ethanallen.com

They say April showers bring May flowers, so why not be bold and hang some February florals on your home’s walls? Artist Dawn Wolfe artfully puts together a collection of florals from around the world and mixes them with a unique selection of hand-cut, paper butterflies that simply scream spring. By hanging this piece on your wall, you’ll be effortlessly spreading warmth and sun throughout your pad.

Stitched Linen Curtains


Stitched Linen Curtains, Anthropologie, $108-$138, anthropolgie.com

While sunshine is something everyone wants, it can be pretty hard to find in the winter. However, a quick change of curtains can offer an enhancement of the little natural light we’ve been getting these days. These vibrant yellow ones will help brighten your home by casting it in a warm glow.

Grass Green Chair


Grass Green Chair, Sven, $799, article.com

While snow and ice continue to cover the ground, adding some green in your home can help remind you of your once-colorful yard. This grass green throne is the perfect way to add some subtle greenery to your living space with tufted seats and a plush-velvet finish.

Weekly Floral Delivery


134 N. 3rd St., 215.923.1660, $55-$350, petitjardinenville.com

Decorating with flowers is perhaps the oldest, yet most popular, way to bring a bit of warmer weather into your home. Instead of perusing picked over flower bins, look to Petit Jardin en Ville for flower delivery. Provided as a weekly or monthly subscription, the team uses seasonal flowers to and foliage in every bouquet.

Photography by: Petit Jardin en Ville- Photo Courtesy of Grace Williams