Allan Domb on the One Thing Real Estate and Politics Have in Common

By A.D. Amorosi, Antonia DePace, Kristin Detterline and Marni Manko | May 9, 2019 | People

Allan Domb: Owner, Allan Domb Real Estate & Councilman-at-Large, Philadelphia City Council


“Real estate was in a dramatic decline in 1999. You didn’t see new construction or developments. The cost of construction far exceeded the value. Then, the tax abatement program occurred to stimulate job growth. It proved to be a smart program: Some estimates show that for $1 of abatement, $2 was spent in return. Back then, I was focused on brokerage, with little development, and was president of the Greater Philadelphia Association of Realtors in 1990. I never could have imagined I’d end up in politics 20 years ago. I never thought about it. But, they are sort of similar in that, with real estate, you’re helping people, and, in government, you’re helping people. Helping people is the best thing in the world. I love City Council. I work about 100 hours a week and have passed nine bills so far. Education, prison reform and reducing government costs are my top priorities, along with focusing on entrepreneurship, tech and financial literacy. There are good schools out there. You just don’t hear about them; you hear about the disasters. We need to look at the glass half-full and not half-empty.”

Photography by: Photography courtesy of Allan Domb Real Estate