Art Adventures: Ashley Longshore

By Alexander Mason Hankin | September 3, 2018 | Lifestyle

If you don’t know the name Ashley Longshore, consider this your formal introduction. A New Orleans-based artist, Longshore is taking the art world by storm. Her work is loud, bold, and highly embellished. Her paintings and sculptures mostly deal with the subject of designer goods, luxury lifestyle, celebrity culture, and female empowerment: a few of our favorite topics. Beginning her painting career at just 19 years old, Longshore puts her heart and soul into every work she creates. From a young age, her passion and craft grew into the pop culture glitter explosion that it is today.

IMG_2432.jpgLongshore describes her art as "in-the-moment." What’s so unique about her is that she markets directly to art collectors, as opposed to using a gallery. This allows for her to connect with her clients on a much deeper level while also providing her with a loyal following of fans and collectors.

When it comes to social media, Longshore notes “Pop is about right now. Having social media where other people can experience my right now, that’s so exciting.” Those of us who follow her on Instagram are treated to her wild personality and creative process ona daily basis.

Lizzie Tisch, a fabulous New York socialite who curates pop-up galleries to feature designers and artists, recently contacted Longshore about her art. From there, LTDxLizzieTisch was created. Longshore's art was displayed on 15 foot hedges and accompanied by chic furniture and amazing sculptures--a very Alice in Wonderland-type experience for collectors.

Longshore's work can currently be found at Bergdorf Goodman's Palate restaurant, as the Artist in Residency. Be sure to also follow her Instagram at @AshleyLongshoreArt


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