Freeman's Auction House Brings Aboard New Head of Trusts & Estates and Collections

By Nikol Slatinska | October 21, 2020 |

Kimberly Miller employs her sleuth-like capabilities to uncover the intriguing histories behind clients’ art collections.


At Freeman’s Auction House, lovers of fine art are given an outlet to discover some of the most exceptional antique pieces the market has to offer. That includes not just clients, but the firm’s staff, as well. The team’s newest addition is Kimberly Miller, head of Trusts & Estates and Collections. Miller’s foray into the auction world came as a result of a love of history and learning about the unknown. After studying art history at Temple University and fine and decorative art history at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, she spent her early career as a 20th century design specialist.

For Miller, however, the thrilling element of discovery that initially piqued her curiosity in art was missing. “I decided that my interests rested more in problem-solving for clients...” she says. “[I] always enjoyed the detective work required in peeling back the proverbial onion layers to determine the attribution or execution date of a work.” Miller eventually found her way to Freeman’s, where she now helps clients sell and create effective narratives for collections.

Compelling stories, after all, push spectator interest and inspire future stewards of the trade, as Miller found out for herself years ago. “Collectors are a passionate group, driven by a unique combination of personal interests and aesthetic preferences,” she says, “and I genuinely enjoy uncovering the backstories that ignited a collector’s interest in a particular work or category.”

For those looking to place their own artistic assortments on the market, a simple call or email is the quickest way to get in touch with Miller and begin the selling process. Although in-person viewings are still available, the Freeman’s app now allows clients to bid in auctions online, and the firm has developed interactive e-catalogues for high resolution viewing of paintings, as well as 3D viewing of sculptures.

No matter the price point of a work or collection, Miller is happiest when the items at hand inspire strong emotional connections. “I genuinely enjoy discussing the motivations behind acquisitions…” she says, “and then down the road providing guidance with selling to ensure the return on these thoughtfully-acquired investments are maximized.”


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Photography by: Courtesy of Freeman’s Auction House