Achieve Your Aesthetic Goals at Cross Medical Group

Abby Dupes | February 5, 2021 |

As the new year continues, keep your resolution of looking and feeling your best with Cross Medical Group. Since opening the practice in 2008, Dr. Kevin J. Cross and his team have been committed to providing the most effective and cutting edge aesthetic treatments. Year after year, the practice has expanded and so has their aesthetic team and repertoire of available treatments. In addition to plastic surgery, Cross Medical Group offers a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments quite literally from head to toe.


While Dr. Cross’s focus is plastic surgery, the practice has a team of amazing clinical aestheticians, skilled nurse injectors, and a hair restoration and preservation team that is one of the best in the country. The providers at Cross Medical Group have been honored with a multitude of awards and have taken care of numerous global celebrities, sports figures, news anchors, and academy award winners. “Each of the providers in our practice brings a unique niche.” Dr. Cross explains that, “the hair restoration team is now using exosomes to reprogram hair follicle growth without surgery. Our nurse injectors are volumizing and, more importantly, shaping lips in ways never before thought possible. Our skin care team is achieving full body sun damage correction using the BBL Hero that not only reverses prior damage, but also prevents future aging of the skin.”


For Dr. Cross, his most sought after services as of late have been face and neck lifts as well as tummy tucks. “My face and neck lift technique allows me near-complete control of features of the aging face that were previously very hard to correct. I can now reliably and predictably get results that look natural, but also very transformative in nearly all forms of facial aging,” Dr. Cross says. “When patients come to me for a tummy tuck, they do so because they know that I’m going to make sure that their incisions are nearly impossible to find and that the stomach is going to look as attractive and natural as possible.” He further says, “I obsess over belly buttons. When someone is in a two piece bathing suit or in their underpants, the only visible evidence of a tummy tuck should be the belly button and when a tummy tuck is performed correctly, the resulting belly button should look natural and attractive, like it has never been operated on. Often the patient’s new belly button looks better than the one that they were born with.”

Cross Medical Group has offices in Center City Philadelphia and Villanova. Visit their website to learn more.



Photography by: courtesy of Cross Medical Group