Get Your Closet Ready For Fall

By Tracie Thompson | August 7, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Let’s be honest—no one loves the idea of saying goodbye to summer and hello to the looming colder weather. We can, however, agree that the transition requires a good look at our closet as we prepare for the temperature decline. Here, we’ve enlisted the help of closet organization gurus to ensure your wardrobe will be in tip-top shape come fall.

Take Inventory


Janet Bernstein, owner of The Organizing Professionals, loves a good closet declutter so much that she does her own bi-annually. A tip from her full-proof method: “categorizing your clothes makes it easier to make educated decisions on what needs to go. Maybe you didn’t realize you had five almost identical black pants. Maybe you need to even add a few pieces,” she says. 610-783-3553,

Storing Out Of Season Items


Closet and Storage Concepts suggests sending out-of-season pieces to the cleaners before you store them away. Put the work in now so that when the weather changes again, you’re style won’t miss a beat. Be sure to take the dry cleaned items out of the bag before you part for the season. Some chemicals may continue to emit from them and cause build up on your clothes so it's important to let them breathe. 207 Rte. 73 S., Marlton, NJ, 856.457.6709,

Toss Or Keep?

Chances are there are some items in your closet that are simply taking up room. Now is the time to clear space for new in-season pieces. Sort It Out Philly owner, Debra Serota offers a few questions you should ask yourself when you're clearing out: Do you hate the way you look in it every time you try it on? Will you ever wear it again? Is it still age-appropriate/flattering? 610.996.2474,

Photography by: Photos courtesy of Organizing Professionals