Where To Go For Philly's Best Kombucha On-Tap

By Carina Bonasera | August 10, 2018 | Food & Drink

Move aside, acai bowls — fresh, fizzy and ultra-healthy kombucha has taken over as the food trend of the summer. Packed with probiotics to keep you looking and feeling great, this refreshing low-cal drink is an acquired taste that Philly can’t get enough of. Get in on the trend at these five hip locales that are serving up draft kombucha by the glass.


Inspired Brews Fermentary

Philadelphia’s very own kombucha brewery pumps out seasonal, crafted-on-site varieties. Fans of the bubbly drink will swoon over creative flavors like salted watermelon and orange hibiscus on-tap. Drink one there and grab a bottle to go. 263 N. Third St., 215-821-9207

Bluestone Lane

Nestled in Rittenhouse Square, this is the Australian-style cafe’s inaugural Philly location. Enjoy a rotating selection of on-tap kombucha brews while you step out of your comfort zone with Australian takes on classic brunch fare. Think toast topped with creamy ricotta, berries and honey, and slathered with vegemite. 1701 Locust St., 718-374-6858

Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen

If beer isn’t your style, slide up to the Cedar Point Bar and ask for a round of kombucha during your next happy hour outing. Cedar Point offers the drink on tap every day, along with the option to mix it with liquor for an extra kick. Try the Purple Rayn, which blends blueberry-lavender kombucha, Bacardi, lime, and simple syrup into an inventive cocktail. 2370 E. Norris St., 215-423-5400


This down-to-earth Kensington bar sources kombucha from local breweries like Funky Fresh Ferments and Baba’s Brew, and serves anywhere from one to three flavors at any given time. Fill up your growler, mix into a cocktail, or simply enjoy over ice. 2113 E. York St., 215-867-8881

Front Street Cafe

Get your morning fix of kombucha starting at 6 a.m., when Front Street Cafe’s juice and coffee bar opens. Order a glass of the weekly-rotating Baba’s Brew, and stay for an extensive vegan-friendly menu that spans breakfast to dinner, and everything in between. 1253 N. Front St., 215-515-3073

Talula’s Daily

Whether you prefer your kombucha in a growler or by the glass, you can get your fill at this Washington Square market-meets-restaurant locale. Peruse the Market’s selection of wholesome foods, like local farmstead cheese and fresh bread, then reserve a coveted spot in the dining room for a fixed-menu dinner that feels just like being served a home-cooked meal. 208 W. Washington Square, 215-592-6555

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