Achieve Your Beach Body at Cross Medical Group

By: Abby Dupes By: Abby Dupes | April 28, 2021 | Lifestyle, Style & Beauty, Sponsored Post,

With summer just around the corner, we can nearly smell the salty ocean air and feel the sunlight on our skin. Of course, with those beachside escapades comes warm-weather fashion staples like tiny tank tops, leg-bearing shorts and barely-there bikinis—and after a year of quarantine, our bodies could use a touch-up. That’s where Dr. Kevin J. Cross—Philly’s leading aesthetic surgeon—and his highly-trained team come in.

For over 12 summers, Cross Medical Group has been assisting Philadelphians to look and feel their best on the beach. “We have a team of amazing clinical aestheticians that specialize in all skincare, skilled nurses that provide injectable and non-surgical treatments, and a hair restoration and preservation team that is really one of the best in the country,” says Dr. Cross. Before you swap heavy winter jackets for bathing suits, take a look at some of their most popular procedures for getting summer-ready.


Say Goodbye to Cellulite

Cellulite—dimpled-looking skin most common on the legs and buttocks—is often uncovered in the warmer months due to higher hemlines. Dr. Cross’s team has unveiled a promising new treatment for this common problem. They are excited to offer Qwo, the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that permanently corrects moderate to severe cellulite. Dr. Cross says that “Qwo gives us another tool in our toolbox of [cellulite] treatment options.” In addition to Qwo, Cross Medical Group offers Cellfina, a permanent cellulite solution that requires only one appointment. The difference between Qwo and Cellfina is that Qwo uses injectable medicine over the course of a few appointments to separate the cellulitic bands while Cellfina involves a small blade that divides the bands in one appointment. Improvement is seen in over 90% of patients and lasts from years to indefinitely!

Reverse Sun Damage

Years of baking on the beach can wreak havoc on your skin, creating irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, rosacea, and dull skin. Luckily, Cross Medical Group has a solution to these skincare woes. With BBL Hero laser therapy, clients can reverse sun damage and return to a more youthful complexion. “Our skincare team is achieving full-body sun damage correction using the BBL Hero,” says Dr. Cross, “It not only reverses prior damage but also prevents future aging of the skin.”

Choose SculpSure

Many have experienced weight gain over the past few months due to the quarantine. You're not alone in wishing that there was a solution to reduce stubborn fatty areas without surgery or weeks of working out. For non-surgical fat reduction, Dr. Cross recommends their SculpSure laser treatment which permanently destroys the targeted fat cells, leading your body to eliminate them. The best news?—this treatment provides slight tightening to the skin and doesn’t leave you with irregular “shark-bite” indentations like other body contouring treatments.

Cross Medical Group has offices in Center City Philadelphia and Villanova. Visit their website to learn more.

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