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What motivated you to start your business:

I always dreamed of owning my own business...and shortly after I joined corporate America as a 21-year-old college graduate, I became obsessed with dreaming up a creative small business to earn a living instead of staying in a traditional corporate environment. I had always been good at doing hair, my very first clients were on the sports teams buses in high school. My mom was a manicurist, and I grew up in the beauty industry. When I was 24 I went back to evening beauty school and continued to work full time during the day in corporate America. At that point, I dreamed of owning a salon, but then fate stepped in and before I could secure a salon job, I booked my first wedding by chance through a makeup artist I met by happenstance in Philadelphia. After that first wedding at the Hotel Monaco in 2013, I was hooked. I knew that spending mornings with brides helping them feel their most beautiful selves through hair artistry was what I was meant to pursue. I went home that night and established an LLC and created a website shortly after. And the rest, as they history!


You recently launched a luxury wedding concierge hair experience via @aimeebeambrides. What sets your new concierge experience apart from your long-standing "traditional" wedding hair experience?

First, there is nothing wrong with a "traditional" beauty experience for your wedding morning. It's how I built my business over the past 11 years with Top Knots by Aimee, and it is an incredible wedding experience I stand by. That being said, the "beauty concierge" experience through my new company, Aimee Beam On Location Bridal Hair is an extraordinary culmination of the past 11 years of working with more than 600 brides. It's the very best hair experience based on what a bride truly needs on her wedding day.

With Aimee Beam On Location Bridal Hair, before we even meet in person for a hair trial, we get on Zoom or FaceTime, and I learn all about your beauty aspirations for your wedding and I get an understanding of the entire branding of your wedding and wedding vibe.

From there I help curate hair inspiration boards based on your hair, and we talk about the need (or not) for hair extensions. If you need hair extensions I color match and purchase them on your behalf. I check in with the makeup team to see how our artistry can complement one another. Then, when we meet in person for the hair preview appointment, I have a deep understanding of the whole mood and vibe for the entire wedding and your hair vision.

On the wedding day, me and my team style everyone's hair as an inclusive experience using luxury products. If you wish to arrive with your hair damp, no problem, Everything is inclusive — there are no extra charges for a blow dry before we start styling you, and there is no extra charge if you wish to use hair extensions.

After all hairstyling concludes, our signature beauty concierge experience begins. We're with you, with every booking, for a minimum of 3 hours after photos begin.

During that time we're behind-the-scenes ensuring your hair looks picture perfect in every photo. We're offering touch ups to not only you, but your bridal party during our concierge experience. Your photos from your wedding are a part of your life story, and we want to ensure your hair is everything and more you've ever dreamed in every frame.

We're typically still on-site when it's time to put your veil in, and walk down the aisle. At this point we give you a final check and wish you the biggest congratulations as you're about to walk down the aisle! If desired, we also can be contracted to stay for a hairstyle change, later into the evening — a trend we absolutely LOVE!


My favorite wedding hair trend currently is:

High updos, old money faux blow outs, and hairstyle changes during the reception!

The most gratifying part of my job is:

I get to help women feel their most beautiful selves on the biggest day of their lives! Seeing you shine and seeing your mom beam with pride as she sees you in your dress gets me every time. I get hired to not only be a hair artist the morning of your wedding, but also get hired (and get the honor) to be a part of your most inner circle and family for a day. That privilege was felt with my very first bride 11 years ago and still stands with me today, The fact that you choose me and my team to be with you on your wedding day is a huge honor that I never take lightly.

When considering booking a bridal hair artist, what is something every bride should consider?

Remember, bridal hair (and makeup) sets the tone for your entire wedding day. Period. It can make or break your whole day.

You want to start the biggest day of your life on a high note, feeling amazing, and ending services on time. When you look and feel your best, you will for surely have the very best wedding day ever! It's so important to connect and deeply trust your beauty team! You end up spending the most important parts of your wedding morning with your beauty pros, and it should be nothing but an extraordinary, happy, and blissful part of your day!


Contact Information:

Phone: 201.230.7055
Email: [email protected]


Aimee Beam On Location Bridal Hair offers a concierge-level bridal hair experience for New Jersey, the Philadelphia region, and destination weddings & events. The bridal beauty experience sets the tone for your entire wedding day, and we specialize in ensuring a seamless experience from first consultation to the final hair reveal. Aimee Beam On Location Bridal Hair has limited availability left for the 2024 season and is currently booking for 2025.


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