An Innovative Path to Breast Cancer Care

Penn Medicine Penn Medicine | October 20, 2021 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post

A breast cancer diagnosis can be life-altering news to hear, one that can leave you feeling unprepared, isolated and disheartened. Approximately 1 in 8 women will be affected by the disease within their lifetime. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we shed a light on the transformative services at Penn Medicine Valley Forge and The Breast Center of Excellence at Penn Medicine Radnor, where multidisciplinary breast cancer teams collaborate to provide comprehensive, patient-centered care in a community setting.


Since opening their doors in 2013, the Abramson Cancer Center at Penn Medicine Valley Forge has supported patients diagnosed with breast cancer and helped them navigate the path toward recovery and revitalized health. A national leader in breast cancer research, Penn Medicine Valley Forge’s radiation oncology department has achieved an APEX accreditation for three years, recognizing facilities that deliver safe, high-quality care to their patients. They also continue to spearhead cutting-edge treatments that are uniquely designed for each patient’s diagnosis. “We recognize the importance of treating the patient, not just the disease,” says Medical Director Tracy d’Entremont, MD.

The Breast Center of Excellence at Penn Medicine Radnor offers world class breast health services from leading experts and the most advanced technologies in breast cancer care. In May 2021, Penn Medicine Radnor’s Outpatient Surgery Center opened, allowing patients to receive the full scope of breast cancer care all in one location, from screenings and diagnosis, to treatment, surgical procedures and follow-up care.



In addition to their state-of-the-art breast cancer program, Penn Medicine also offers internationally-known genetic counseling and testing services to help people learn and assess their risk for developing certain types of cancer. Genetic counselors can help you understand your personal risk and provide guidance on how to understand genetic test results, which may create an opportunity for specialized surveillance, prevention or more effective treatment. The Abramson Cancer Center also offers a Telegenetics Program, with remote screening and genetic counseling services available via telephone or video conferencing, for those unable to visit in person.



Penn Medicine believes in a team approach as various departments collaborate closely together to deliver high-quality patient care. With diagnosis and treatment performed under one roof, patients can maintain all of their breast health needs in a single location. Complementary services are offered in conjunction with treatment to restore patients’ overall well-being including physical therapy, occupational therapy, nutritional coaching, social work and more.

Additionally, the Breast Center of Excellence at Penn Medicine Radnor offers private infusion suites for chemotherapy treatment and is currently the only Penn Medicine location offering scalp cooling services. This treatment is clinically proven to minimize hair loss from chemotherapy in patients with solid tumors.

“A breast cancer patient can come here for all of her breast imaging. She can get a mammogram and an MRI scan. She will be able to get a biopsy or surgery here if she needs it. If radiation therapy or chemotherapy is necessary, that will be here as well. Patients need to be able to get care and treatment efficiently and not have to travel to do it,” says Penn Medicine Radnor’s Medical Director, Kevin Fox, MD.


No matter which location you visit, Penn Medicine’s Abramson Cancer Center knows that cancer care does not end once treatment is complete. Patients are introduced to integrative physical therapy early in care to prepare for life beyond treatment. From the “Strength After Breast Cancer Program” for managing lymphedema to physical wellness support through “Unite for HER Virtual Wellness Days'', patients are educated on the resources and healing therapies available throughout their recovery.

Penn Medicine Valley Forge and the Breast Center of Excellence at Radnor are committed to providing compassionate cancer care by offering accessible, efficient breast health services so you can get the care you need, when you need it.

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