Dining at The Chelsea Gets a Refresh

Christina Pellegrini | July 25, 2013 | The Latest Atlantic City Confidential Latest

1 - Dining at The Chelsea Gets a Refresh

Atlantic City's premier boutique hotel has a revamped dining space.

Electrified in violet neon lights, The Chelsea plays up its South Beach vibe with music-thumping day parties that draw young, attractive crowds to the boutique boardwalk hotel. The fifth floor, home to the infamous pool thronged with party people, once housed a formal, fine dining restaurant called Chelsea Prime, but has since made the crafty switchover to a more casual lounge-type bar/resto dubbed The Chelsea on the 5th.

The two-seat tables have been transformed into booths overlooking the space’s stunning ocean view, and a new, cozy seating area allows guests to relax at leisure with a signature Chelsea martini—a chilled sparkling cucumber concoction. Menu items are well portioned and still fulfill indulgent cravings with big-ticket entrees including filet mignon, pistachio-encrusted ahi tuna, and scallops over Arborio rice. 111 S. Chelsea Ave., Atlantic City, 800-548-3030

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