Chaos, Choreography, and Bridal Breathwork: Q&A with Porch & Pearls' Owner Marian Braccia

By Porch and Pearls Event Planning By Porch and Pearls Event Planning | January 20, 2022 | Sponsored Post, Wedding Features,


Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

For starters, I don’t know too many wedding planners who are also lawyers! I can review a vendor contract with education and experience that others don’t have. I’m trained to navigate an adversarial, potentially contentious scenario, and I do so with confidence, professionalism, firmness, humor, and an ability to think on my feet. And my law degree sure comes in handy! Beyond that, I’m a mama of four. Maintaining order in chaos is just a “day in the life” for me. I know how to communicate when people are emotional, overwhelmed, anxious, or fearful. It’s a universal human trait to seek out comfort and that which removes negative stressors from our lives. That support and the assurance that our clients are being advocated for every step of the way is what makes Porch & Pearls what it is!


What is the most gratifying part of your business?

I love the moment when the couple, their families, and their wedding attendants all process down the aisle, having been lined up and cued with precision. The ceremony space looks flawless. Photography and videography are in position. The music is coordinated perfectly with the processional. And there is nothing for the couple or their guests to do other than to be “present” – in every sense of the word – to experience the moment that two lives are promised to each forever. I always pause in that moment and appreciate that we made that happen.


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

BREATHE!! Seriously, take a breath. It’ll reduce stress and improve your clarity and connection. Once you’ve done that, make sure you’re putting as much energy into preparing for the marriage as you are for the wedding day. A wedding isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a competitive sport. Don’t go into it vying to top TiKTok’s trend report! Practice some introspection. What makes you special as a couple? What brings meaning to your relationship? What’s your love story? Answer those questions and then we can help personalize your wedding event so that it looks and feels as special as you are as a couple.

What is something you constantly strive for?

Staying a step ahead ensures I’m the most prepared person in any circumstance. I’ve thought of the solution even if the problem never exists. I’ve outlined the contingency plan even if clear skies are forecast. That requires constant learning, focus, and sincerity toward the work. It also means that I’ve truly listened to my clients and appreciated their wishes and goals. Everything we do comes down to the people we do it for, and keeping a step ahead means I can show “my people” my utmost care and respect.


How did you handle the pandemic? Did your business model change?

We didn’t change a thing. We didn’t charge any cancellation or rescheduling fees. We worked with every couple who postponed and provided the same coverage on their new date with total continuity of service. In such scary and uncertain times, I believed that doing anything that could have exacerbated our clients’ stress and disappointment was contrary to Porch & Pearls’ model of support.

What three words describe you or your business best?

Exceptional. Indefatigable. Aplomb.


Photography by: Alex Schon Photography, Barbara O Photography, Meghan Burke Photography, MLE Pictures