Client-Centric Innovation: The Rittenhouse Formula for Success in PropTech

By Rittenhouse Communications Group By Rittenhouse Communications Group | November 22, 2023 | People Sponsored Post

Screen_Shot_2023-11-17_at_11_43_09_AM.pngMark Nester, Head of Engineering; Sean Edwards, President

We aren't just a software company. At our core, we're a technology integrator, deeply attuned to what clients currently have, desire, and anticipate for the future.

Rittenhouse Communications Group (RCG) stands at the vanguard of the PropTech industry, pioneering innovative solutions that redefine property management and elevate the resident experience. It offers fully integrated and tailor-made platforms that merge cutting-edge hardware and software solutions for clients with multifamily and hospitality buildings. The company has amassed many local and national customers led by Sean Edwards. Under the direction of RCG’s head of engineering Mark Nester, their technology driven PropTech solutions range from access control, building wide and amenity Wi-Fi, IoT solutions to surveillance, and structured cabling.

“We aren't just a software company. At our core, we're a technology integrator, deeply attuned to what clients currently have, desire, and anticipation for the future,” says Edwards, president of RCG. While many companies might specialize in hardware installation or software provision, RCG combines both, offering customers a one-stop solution. Its holistic strategy encapsulates hardware setup, building design support, and software solutions, ensuring seamless compatibility and function.

Looking to layer turnkey software onto their proven integrated hardware solutions Sean Edwards in concert with RCG’s Head of Engineering, Mark Nester and their Director of Software Development launched PropKey, designed to make the client's PropTech digital infrastructure more accessible for managers, guests, and residents. It can integrate seamlessly with third-party property management platforms like Yardi, RealPage, and Entrada.

With PropKey, RGC addresses a gap in the market. Many IoT companies operate on outdated communication modes, which require additional bridges for inter-device communication, complicating property management with multiple systems, vendors, potential points of failure, and increased costs. In contrast, RCG's application works on existing building infrastructure and the mission critical mobile key works offline via Bluetooth, removing the need for a network bridge and recurrent integration expenses.

Tailored to the current multifamily building landscape, which primarily focuses on smart locks and thermostats, its app emphasizes the overall building and tenant experience and the capabilities of integrating more devices and platforms with a single system. This approach departs from the traditional method, offering IoT modules as adaptable add-ons.

The app's bespoke nature shines through with its adaptability to specific needs, like a valet system for luxury buildings or an AIenhanced amenity usage tracker. The app reinforces convenience by integrating directly with property management systems, enabling various functions like unlocking doors and granting temporary access to visitors. Unique features like a community bulletin board, a marketplace, and a building activity tracker further enrich tenant experience and management insight. The app seamlessly combines features like concierge outreach and a front-of-building intercom system, underscoring its comprehensive nature and reinstating the power and convenience back to the tenant.

It also features a ‘resident perks module’ that gives tenants national discounts from major brands such as Budget, GrubHub, and Uber while serving as a revenue stream for the property management company. Since clients get the ‘try before you buy’ option, they can test the solution before investing in it. Rather than depending on marketing, RCG focuses on building trust and transparency with its clients by letting its products sell itself.

In one recent example of the company’s capabilities, a national customer with a presence across the U.S. approached the company with a challenge. They were juggling multiple apps to cater to various needs. The customer sought a unified solution that blended the best elements of resident experience, access control, and building maintenance. By actively listening to their requirements and leveraging its expertise, RCG took on the task, innovatively integrating these functions. The customized app was designed, updated, and was ready for deployment in just three months, demonstrating its commitment to agile solutions and client satisfaction.

Drawing from its deep subject matter knowledge, interdisciplinary capabilities as a bespoke solutions provider, and its innovative mobile app, Rittenhouse Communications Group positions itself as an industry leader with next to no direct competitors. Grounded in its iterative R&D process that engages and empowers its customers and products, the future looks bright for this one-of-a-kind solutions provider.

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