Crypto Fashion Week 2021 Welcomes the Future With Speakers & Workshops

Nilam Mukherjee | February 24, 2021 | Style & Beauty

Crypto Fashion Week flyer

You’ve heard of cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence and virtual reality, but how about crypto fashion?

Step into the avant-garde metaverse of Crypto Fashion Week, as it showcases the exact moment where fashion, digital art, and blockchain technology intersect.

The weeklong event running now through Feb. 26, has gathered an exciting collection of artists, designers and tech experts to showcase their talents in a novel way. Crypto fashion’s futuristic approach radiates brilliance and inspires the unimaginable with speakers, workshops, showcases and more.

Living in a world where new forms of technology are up for consideration at all times, CFW brings ideas to reality. Watching these designers work their magic on a virtual runway is hallucinatory. From robot-like designs to concepts your mind can’t categorize, the otherworldliness of these collections will leave you wowed.

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CFW’s innovative nature sets the stage for a group of dedicated experts in their field to both teach and exhibit the genius behind their creations. Offering speaker events and workshops, CFW 2021 is about more than just observing.

Featured speakers include Maghan McDowell, innovation editor of Vogue and fashion-tech journalist; Natalia Modoneva, founder of DressX, the first fashion brand featuring digital collections and 3D designers; and Kesh, a visual artist, designer, and musician who has collaborated with high-end famous brands, such as Moschino, American Apparel, and SKIMS.

Workshops are also offered, featuring LUKSO, FTFKT, The Fabricant, The Dematerialized and Newlife.Ai. Each brand has embraced digital fashion and is passionate about expanding the new world of design to the realm of sustainability and more.

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Not only is crypto fashion on the rise, interconnecting technology with design is a future any designer is eager to take a chance on. According to the CFW press release, the creative economy forming through exchanges of NFTs and other related blockchains is “expected to be worth millions in the short term.”

Having digital shows is not new. In fact, it’s right on trend with the rest of fashion right now. Paris Fashion Week went digital this year, and many designers have set models on virtual catwalks to display their designs.

Crypto Fashion Week takes it a few steps further. Who says fashion is limited to tangible or physical materials? In the crypto-world, there are no boundaries.

Read more about Crypto Fashion Week via their press release.

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