Donny and Marie Comes to Caesars

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1 - Donny and Marie Comes to Caesars

After spending decades in the limelight as part of the Osmond Brothers and then becoming an American icon on the Donny and Marie show, Donny Osmond teams up with his sister again, this time to take Vegas by storm with a show at the Flamingo Las Vegas. Donny and Marie in Vegas has garnered rave reviews, and this year the show received three Best of Las Vegas awards including “Best Show.” From July 31 through August 5, the pair will bring their top-rated performance to Caesars Atlantic City.

You’ve performed here many times before. What’s your most memorable moment?
DONNY OSMOND: I think the most memorable thing happened to me while Marie and I were co-hosting the Miss America pageant. We had a quick change between commercial break. She didn’t tell me that my fly was down, and as a true sister would, she waited until we were live on the air to let me know.

What can we expect from this upcoming performance?
DO: For us to come out here we needed to bring the entire production—dancers, the orchestra, multimedia, costumes—it’s a full-production show. It’s taken four years for us to build this reputation in Vegas. People say it’s unbelievable. It’s 90 minutes jammed with entertainment, a lot of dancing, and a lot of singing.

What do you like to do while you're in AC?
DO: That’s the problem—the show is so intense that any diversion is tough. Any other activity takes away from the energy of the show. But I gotta get some of that saltwater taffy, baby. I haven’t been on that boardwalk since I don’t know when.

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