Finally, Primary Care That Puts You First

Devine Concierge Medicine Devine Concierge Medicine | August 31, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

The traditional approach to primary care is muddled with inconveniences, impersonal relationships, and insurance work arounds. For those with a busy life — it just isn’t up to par. Concierge medicine takes a very different approach to primary care, where patients work with their primary care physician directly - removing all of the burden associated with arbitrary insurance limitations. Luckily, the physicians at Devine Concierge Medicine have been providing highly attentive, individualized concierge care to the Main Line since 2020.


Brothers, Michael & Daniel Devine, MD offer a degree of expertise that is nearly impossible to find outside of the bastions of large academic medical centers. Having trained at the esteemed Johns Hopkins and Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital, the physicians give patients highly attentive, personalized care with the expert training to back it. With their insider knowledge of the ever-complex traditional healthcare system, the Devine brothers intentionally designed their concierge medicine service to be transformative and exceedingly personal.

While traditional primary care often feels rushed and transactional, the physicians of Devine Concierge Medicine possess an intimate understanding of these shortcomings and have carefully curated an unparalleled experience. Drs. Michael and Daniel Devine’s practice is built upon fostering strong relationships with each patient, providing the type of care to their patients that they would want for themselves, or a close loved one. With custom-tailored solutions towards one’s personal goals, needs and lifestyle preferences, patients enjoy a luxurious primary care experience whilst in the comfort of their home.

Members receive 24/7 direct access to world-class, evidence-based medical care with guaranteed same day house-call appointments. Devine Concierge Medicine certainly isn’t your traditional primary care experience, nor is it like most concierge medicine practices. This is primary care, carefully curated and exceptionally personalized - simply freeing you to live your best life.

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