Get to know Emily & Gregg, the dynamic duo behind Emily Wren Photography

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What motivated you to start your business?

Photography is a part of who I am. Taking after my father, I began looking at the world through the lens of a camera at an early age. I pursued my passion for image-making at The Rhode Island School of Design and was eventually drawn to the uniquely personal aspects of wedding photography. Along the way, I have had the pleasure of creating many meaningful and lasting relationships with couples and their families.


What is your approach to photographing the wedding day, and how does that set you apart from other wedding photographers?

My approach is very natural and personal. I always come away from a wedding feeling like I’ve just experienced something authentic and beautiful between close friends. For me, the most important thing is to capture the love between you and your partner honestly and sincerely. It’s this intimate approach that will help you feel at ease and comfortable with the camera, highlighting the organic beauty that is revealed when people really feel like themselves. As your photographer, I am constantly open to possibilities. Of course, there are certain classic moments I expect to photograph... and then there are the candid photos that can’t possibly be planned but are full of emotion and truth. Sometimes it’s these moments in between the poses that tell your story best. Using a timeless blend of fine-art photography & photojournalism, I strive to capture every moment in a way that is soft & whimsical, sincere & classic.


What is the most gratifying part of your business?

Knowing that I am creating something that will be treasured forever, even passed down as a family heirloom, gives me a big sense of satisfaction. I have discovered a true sense of fulfillment in preserving some of the most important moments in people’s lives - capturing who they are as individuals, couples and families. This is the joy that drives me to be a wedding photographer!

What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Above all else, I believe the most important thing is that you are truly enjoying your wedding day! Magical photos are made when couples are fully immersed in the moment, taking it all in, and experiencing joy as the day unfolds. By working with your photographer and planner ahead of time you can put your mind at ease, trusting that things will go smoothly and that you will end up with beautiful photos to last a lifetime.


What big news do you want to share?

My husband Gregg has officially launched the videography side of our business! Follow along at @wren_films Gregg is a talented filmmaker and storyteller, and he truly brings a special energy to the day. We often hear how wonderful it is having us both there as a husband-and-wife team. There's just something unique about the way we can work side-by-side, and we love capturing love stories together! Plus, having a team that works seamlessly is such an important part of the flow of a wedding day. I truly believe that a wedding film is the perfect complement to wedding photography. A photograph can freeze time, capturing the essence and emotion of a single moment. Videography fills in the moments in between, capturing the flow of movement, the sound of voices, and the energy of motion. A wedding film allows you to hear the toasts, the vows, the laughter of loved ones and share those memories for years to come.

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Photography by: Emily Wren Photography