Gift Yourself More Time -- Uninvite Your Razor this Holiday Season

Milan Laser Hair Removal | December 18, 2020 | Style & Beauty Feature Sponsored Post Style & Beauty Feature Features

As the cold weather approaches, so does your busy schedule. Whether it’s planning holiday parties, visiting family, escaping to warmer weather, or pairing your favorite wine and cheese, it seems like there’s always something that needs your attention during the holidays and precious little time to get it all done.

Sure, over the years, you’ve found little ways to squeeze more things into your schedule, but at what cost? You’ve settled into a holiday haze rather than enjoying yourself (like you deserve). Believe it or not, there’s one simple way of getting 30-45 minutes of your day back—by ditching your demanding and cumbersome shaving routine!

Don’t worry we’re not suggesting that you be merry and hairy. Instead of removing your unwanted hair for a short time, why not just get rid of it for good? Easier said than done, right? Wrong!


Whether you’re waxing or shaving, one thing is for certain—your results are only temporary. And too soon after, you’ll be wasting more time trying to achieve the smooth, hair-free skin that you want. In fact, these outdated hair removal methods are so temporary that the average woman spends approximately 72 days of their life just shaving their legs.

You don’t have to keep settling for your razor or give up and be hairy. With laser hair removal, you can have the smooth, hair-free—and maintenance-free—skin you’ve always wanted all year long, no endless shaving or painful waxing necessary!


According to the laser hair removal experts at Milan Laser Hair Removal’s Philadelphia locations, laser hair removal provides you with permanent results when done properly. That’s because, during the treatment, a laser pulse is delivered directly to the hair follicle (instead of just treating the surface like shaving or waxing) to permanently destroy it and prevent it from growing hair ever again. On average, most people need 7 to 10 treatments to be 95%+ hair free.

However, life events such as pregnancy, menopause, age, or genetics, can cause new hair follicles to become active, and new hair can grow. Unfortunately, most places that offer laser hair removal services sell packages of 6 or 9 sessions, which means you’ll probably need to buy additional sessions down the road or at least pay touch-up fees. Your best option is to find a place that offers unlimited laser hair removal sessions for life at no additional cost like they do at Milan Laser.


And this holiday hack, or really life hack, isn’t just for ladies! Laser hair removal is safe and effective for men and women of every skin tone and hair type. That’s right gentlemen, men’s laser hair removal is only growing in popularity these days, so you don’t have to keep fighting that unwanted back or chest hair. Or really any unwanted body hair, for that matter.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘Doesn’t it only work on light skin and dark hair?’ or ‘It’s going to hurt too much.’

While the common misconception that it only works on certain skin tones was true when the FDA first approved laser hair removal in the late 90s, advances in technology have made laser hair removal safe for everyone—from the very fair to the darkest of skin tones. Especially at places like Milan Laser that use dual-laser technology, Alexandrite for fair skin, and ND:YAG for darker skin tones, that allow them to tailor each treatment to the specific skin tone and hair type of each client to deliver permanent results.


How do treatments feel? It’s true they don’t tickle, but if you’ve ever suffered through a waxing appointment, then you’ll appreciate that laser hair removal is much less painful than a wax. In fact, most lasers have a comfort feature built-in that is used as part of the treatment process to help make the treatment less painful. Some of the more outdated methods include using a numbing cream, messy gel, or even blowing chilled air on the area being treated. However, the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments are done with a laser that has a built-in cooling mist like the Gentle Max Pro that Milan Laser uses.

This technology immediately releases a cooling mist after each pulse of the laser during a treatment to ease any potential discomfort. To put that into perspective, it’s often described as feeling like a sting from a rubber band snap that fades away instantly.

However, one thing that holds true is your candidacy for laser hair removal lessens as your hair grays. If unwanted hairs turn white (not to be confused with blonde) before your laser hair removal treatments are complete, the laser cannot target the follicle effectively and laser hair removal will no longer be an option. To say it shortly, you will have missed the opportunity to get laser hair removal.

As we said at the beginning, the holidays bring extra busy schedules, and your time becomes even more precious. So, why waste time by sticking to your old hair removal routine?

It’s simple. Whether you’re shaving, waxing, sugaring, or plucking, you’re only getting temporary results. And ultimately, throwing away your valuable time this holiday season. Just imagine how it would feel to have more time to tackle that holiday to-do list AND have smooth, hair-free skin all of the time!

Do you have questions about laser hair removal? Visit with a local laser hair removal expert at either of Milan Laser’s Philadelphia locations, which are conveniently located near the King of Prussia Mall on Dekalb Pike, and in the Baederwood Shopping Center in Jenkintown. Or give Milan Laser a call at 1-833-NO-RAZOR.

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