Head To Blue Pearl Cafe, the Main Line's Newest Must Try Eatery

By Antonia DePace | October 19, 2020 | Food & Drink Main Line

Blue Pearl Cafe is the only plant-based cafe in the area.

If you’re a fan of local FJ Leto’s Juice Dr. cleanses (it’s one of the best on the market), you’re sure to be a fan of his first brick-and-mortar concept. Named Blue Pearl Cafe (juicedr.org), the restaurant’s menu is full of vegan options like spaghetti and beetballs, pad thai with kelp noodles, walnut taco salads, grain bowls and more. Diners can even order the Juice Dr. Immunity subscription boxes, which deliver vitamin-packed superfoods and organic produce to your door. Of course, cold-pressed juices from Leto’s cleanse lines are also available, along with Rival Bros. coffee, smoothies and wellness juice shots.

Photography by: Society Hill Films