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Tell us what makes your business different from other wedding companies?

While we can’t speak specifically to how other companies are run, we do know what vendors in the industry, and our clients, have said about us.

Jennifer and Lisa Marie are very “real.” They really care about what is important to the client but also, equally care about the vendor needs on event day to make every element of the wedding a success.

Jennifer and Lisa Marie are so relatable, they end up feeling like family and the friendships are still going strong. We often have wedding guests and siblings of the couple, call us shortly after to say that they are now engaged and can’t imagine planning their wedding without us being involved.

Weddings aren’t about “us,” the planner. They’re about “you,” your families and guests. Your dreams coming true, is what we will work tirelessly to do.


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Just like with any new and exciting venture in your life, we all naturally want to rush thru the process to get to the end game. Our biggest piece of advice is not to rush the process. They say, in life, that you have to embrace the journey and that can’t be truer for planning your wedding. Enjoy every moment of the process and don’t rush it! Understand that you can’t fully please all of your guests, 100%. Prioritize with your planner what is most important to you and trust the process. When you hire a planner that you know you can trust, you will end up with reliable vendors who you’d feel happy to have a conversation with outside of your wedding.

What is something you constantly strive for?

It’s a love language! ‘Words of Affirmation’ mean more to us than most. On a personal level, Jennifer and Lisa Marie both agree that when your guests are leaving your wedding night and they are full of positive feedback, “wow’s” and “Amazing Wedding!” we know we’ve done our job and done it well. When a Type A Client can completely let go of the details and enjoy the day leaving at the end of the night with nothing but smiles on her face and bliss in her soul….that’s what we strive for.


What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

Bringing the South, North! Traditions that are native to our southern neighbors; Entertainment and Fun-forward receptions are currently trending and we LOVE IT! Couples are putting more focus into the level of entertainment, not only with the best bands, but also with visual and edible guest experiences throughout the wedding night. Incorporating dance segments throughout dinner, bringing in your college mascot or the mummers, food trucks and live painters, we could keep going! The guest experience and level of fun are definitely taking a front seat in weddings right now and we are loving every minute of planning it!

Welcome nights are also exploding! Rather than an intimate rehearsal dinner, we are seeing a lot of families host Welcome Events and invite all your guests to set the stage for an epic wedding weekend, not just a day.

Atmosphere > Centerpieces. Move over, highs and lows! Floral installations and custom signage are coming in hot! A lot more couples are fully branding their weddings; from the invitations to the hotel bags and all the signage at the wedding, guests are experiencing WOW moments throughout every element of the day and recognizing the synergy and beauty in every little detail. Makes for a more memorable occasion if that’s what you’re going for!


What big news do you want to share?

Kaleidoscope is now in the floral business! Our company had the incredible opportunity to expand into floral over the past year. We feel it is important to grow, but never overextend. Our floral company, S.A.C., is run solely by talented designers like Bill Russo, while Jennifer and Lisa Marie are still your lead planning team at Kaleidoscope Weddings.

Alana Tosti represents us well in her latest article in Modern Luxury Weddings: “FLOWER POWER” When you hire a planner to help with the big day, it’s a bonus if they can also help with your overall aesthetic. Kaleidoscope Weddings can do just that—in June 2021 the team (Clayre Cardi, Jennifer Supper and Lisa Marie Chimento) took over the business formerly known as Nancy Saam Flowers—and Styled Artistry Creative Design was born. “Floral design and wedding planning truly go hand in hand,” says Supper, director of special events at Kaleidoscope, who has been planning weddings for over a decade. “If SAC is a good match for a Kaleidoscope bride, style- and designwise, we will recommend working with Bill Russo, lead designer at SAC Design.” Russo, who has been in the floral industry for over 40 years, will work hand in hand with the planning team and couple to produce the wedding of their dreams. “We are creating an entire vision, and it’s critical for the client that we are on the same page,” says Supper. “Having such a solid relationship with Bill and the SAC team really makes the overall vision of an event so easy to attain. Not to mention that Bill is loved by all of his clients, so recommending his expertise is just an added bonus!”; –Alana Tosti


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