Make Something The World has Yet to See

By: CYNIC By: CYNIC | November 24, 2021 | Home & Real Estate, Sponsored Post,

Great designs start with great stories.

Take Joseph Friedman, and his invention of the “drinking tube.” While sitting at a parlor table, he watched his young daughter struggle to drink a milkshake through a paper straw she could hardly reach. When she angled the straw down to her level, the straw cut off the flow of liquid. He took the straw to his workshop and used a screw to corrugate a small section of the straw. When the screw had sufficiently left its mark, he removed the screw and the straw bent in any angle while allowing liquid to pass -- voila! Today, we have the “bendy straw.”


This core design is used throughout modern plumbing in order to reduce the amount of precise cuts and angles a plumber must make, in turn, reducing the time and hassle of installations. Great ideas equal great design.

At heart, we’re curious children, creative and inventive, looking for ways to improve our lives and the lives around us. We have ideas for how we would do something better but sometimes we lack the skills and knowledge to bring out creations to fruition. No matter how bright the finish line may seem, most don’t know where to line up. Only roadblocks line the path.

And if the potential inventor does manage to come to a design company, they may be met with cost prohibitive stickers, inflexibility in terms, or a general sense of entitlement that’s more off putting than reassuring. Guidance is one thing and condescension is another.


A good design firm should shepherd the journey of product development and accent the customers needs, match them on a human level and partner with them to bring out the best in an idea. They should provide honest feedback and expertise when required and expect the same from their client.

CYNIC, a design company based in Philadelphia, has years of experience bringing projects, technical and creative, to life. Turning sketches into physical objects and prototypes into goods. Whether a brand new start up, a company with decades in business, or an individual simply looking for something uniquely their own, we can help mold ideas into the perfect final product.


Great design lasts and changes our lives for the better so reach out today and make something the world has yet to see.

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