Q&A With Martha Stewart

By MIchelle Probola | April 23, 2018 | People

In light of her new book with Kevin Sharkey, Martha's Flowers, and her recent visit to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Antiques and Art Show, we caught up with America's most trusted lifestyle expert, Martha Stewart, to find out what she was most excited about when coming to Philly, and her best gardening tips, and where she likes to hang out when the weather gets warm.


What were you most excited about in regards to visiting Philadelphia?

MARTHA STEWART: I’m thrilled to participate in the Philadelphia Antique Show. Both Kevin and I are collectors and hope to see many beautiful things and be inspired by them in the show. We are honored to be participating as lecturers in the weekend events.

What is your favorite flower to plant and watch grow?

MS: I have planted every flower that will grow in zone five and six and I can honestly say I do not have a favorite. I collect plants like other people collect silver or art or clothing. But I am very excited to see my peonies and lilacs come into bloom after this long cold winter and looking forward to lilies, poppies and clematis later in the season.

What did the lecture attendees learn from you and Kevin on Friday?

MS: I talked about the planting and nurturing of each of the different types of flowers. Kevin talked about cutting, conditioning and arranging. And we both talked about containers that make beautiful flower arrangements.

What can avid gardeners and newbies alike learn from your new book?

MS: I think the readers of this book will get a tremendous amount of information about preparation of flowerbed design, the actual growing and cutting of flowers. There are many many things to know about each of the flowers featured in the book. Everything from early spring bulb daffodils, to dahlias in the late fall. All of the flowers pictured in the book are grown in one or more of my three gardens. I have a garden in Maine in Seal Harbor, one in East Hampton and I have a very large garden in Bedford, New York. And I think that Kevin has a lot to offer. We allow him and only him to cut flowers from my garden. I take that back my daughter is also allowed to cut flowers.

What is your favorite outside spot in Philadelphia to enjoy in the spring and summer?

MS: There are many wonderful sites to see in and around Philadelphia. One of my favorite gardens is Chanticleer which has an extraordinary collection of amazing plants and plant material. I visit that once a year. Another favorite spot to go on my trips to QVC is Longwood Gardens - 1000 acres beautifully landscaped and wonderfully planted. And there are numerous green houses, which are a constant place for me to learn and be inspired.

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