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In the heart of the aesthetics world, where external beauty often takes center stage, Mint & Needle emerged as a shining light that brings together health, empowerment, and natural aesthetics. Founded by Brandi Gregge, with an unshakeable passion for wellbeing and an innate appreciation for aesthetics, Mint & Needle stands out for its commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their inner radiance. Gregge’s belief in the transformative power of natural aesthetics has propelled Mint & Needle to new heights, all while maintaining a heart-centered approach that resonates beyond the treatment room.


Roots in Passion and Empowerment

The seeds of Mint & Needle's journey were sown in a deep-rooted passion for health and aesthetics that has been nurtured since an early age. This passion, combined with a sincere desire to help individuals feel their best both inside and out, paved the way for a business that is not merely about aesthetics, but about holistic empowerment. Mint & Needle firmly believes that the power of transformation lies in celebrating each individual's unique beauty and helping them harness it to the fullest.


Genuine Pride in Transformation

When asked about their proudest achievements, Brandi emphasizes the empowerment of patients through regenerative aesthetics. The physical and internal transformations they witness are a testament to their dedication. But it doesn't stop there. Gregge treasures the enduring relationships she cultivates with their patients, fostering a sense of connection that extends far beyond the aesthetics journey.


Distinctive Signatures of Mint & Needle

Mint & Needle's brand is defined by their personalized 365-degree evaluation—a cornerstone of their comprehensive treatment plans. They prioritize enhancing natural beauty and promoting self-empowerment, leading the charge in using regenerative biostimulators and threads to create signature full facial balancing. Their commitment is so strong that they even offer an in-house product line, ensuring that every aspect of their patient experience is carefully curated.


The Road Ahead: News and Initiatives

Mint & Needle has exciting news to share—they're opening a second location in Lewes, DE! This expansion underscores their growing impact and commitment to reaching more individuals seeking empowerment through aesthetics. Not content with just business growth, Mint & Needle is investing in education for injectors, ensuring that exceptional results are delivered consistently across the board.

In addition to charitable donations and pro bono efforts to support those impacted by domestic violence, Gregge is taking further steps by initiating the launch of a non-profit organization this fall. This non-profit will aim to provide crucial assistance and resources to those grappling with domestic violence and its ramifications. By combining these ongoing support initiatives with the establishment of this new non-profit, Brandi is dedicated to addressing the challenges of domestic violence and fostering a positive change within the community.

In a world that sometimes overlooks the internal transformations that aesthetics can catalyze, Mint & Needle's journey shines as a beacon of hope and empowerment. With a commitment to holistic care, natural beauty, and community betterment, Brandi Gregge redefining the aesthetics landscape—one empowered individual at a time.


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