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Multihyphenate Miranda Kerr Redefines the New Way to Glow Up

By Phebe Wahl | July 13, 2020 | People National


Ever notice something about pictures of model-turned-mogul Miranda Kerr? From caught-off-guard paparazzi shots to perfectly posed swimsuit covers, it seems the girl travels with a personal lighting crew. It turns out that rather than a magical IRL filter, her glow is thanks to something called Noni juice, a deep dedication to wellness—and a truly beautiful soul. Proving the euphemism true, this Australian-born beauty is actually lit from within. I’ve interviewed many supermodels in my day—and a few who are brilliant business minds like Kerr. Yet, what strikes me as unique about this particular subject is Kerr’s intuitive nature and her sincere passion for uplifting any and everyone she can.

The multitasking mama somehow juggles being a mother to three boys, alongside her multitude of projects—like the launch of her new home line—as well as running her beauty brand, KORA Organics. “I have three boys and KORA is my baby girl,” she says, laughing. Kerr’s boys (Flynn with actor Orlando Bloom, and Hart and Myles with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel) are the center of her world, but her kind and caring instincts extend to all her endeavors.

“This has been an incredibly tumultuous time for our country, and I stand with the black community and those fighting for equality and justice,” she says of recent protests. “As a businesswoman, I know it’s my responsibility to take action through KORA, where we stand together in solidarity against racism and injustice.” Kerr also shares that KORA is lending its social media platform to black voices who will inspire growth and change. “We will continue to speak up and stand up for one another,” she says. “As protests have taken place across the U.S. and all over the world, I think many of us have paused and taken time to reflect, educate ourselves and listen to those speaking out. There is no place for racism of any kind in our society, and we cannot turn a blind eye when it is so obviously prevalent. As humans,” she continues, “I believe we are all capable of empathy and compassion, and now we are being called to apply those inherent qualities to make a difference for the black community. The protests have brought the Black Lives Matter movement to the forefront of conversations in a way that has never been so universally embraced. And, my hope is that the actions we are taking now can effect real, meaningful change for the future.”

It is clear that Kerr leads her family and her team with an empathetic intelligence befitting a modern mogul. And her approach is working. Today, KORA Organics is sold in countries across the globe, with cult classics such as the Noni Bright vitamin C serum and Noni Glow face oil regulars on best of beauty award lists.

Kerr’s deep dedication to wellness certainly plays a large part in maintaining her otherworldly glow. “I have 45 minutes to an hour in the morning when I like to try to meditate through a few little stretches—then focus on my skincare routine because that’s one little bit of time in the day that I get for myself,” she says. The former Victoria’s Secret Angel also counts Megan Roup’s Sculpt Society, Ballet Beautiful and Melissa Wood as her go-tos for fitness on the go, along with Kundalini yoga a couple of times per week.


Kerr—who studied to become a certified health coach at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York and nutrition and health psychology at the Academy of Natural Living in Australia—lights up when she talks about the ingredients in her products and the power of organic skincare. “I was personally looking for something that wasn’t just natural or clean, but was certified organic because I was eating certified organic,” she explains. “I’ve always had a large understanding of the benefits of organics because I grew up that way. My family is very health conscious. My grandma had me drinking aloe vera; she had me taking colloidal silver for a cold; and then she put me on to the Noni.” Kerr’s discovery of some of the key heroes of KORA, like Noni juice, date to her teens. “Back when I was drinking it when I was 13, if I had a pimple, I would put it on my skin because it is antibacterial. If I had a sunburn, I would put it on my skin because it is anti-inflammatory,” she says of antioxidant-rich Noni. “It has over 100 vitamins and minerals in just the fruit itself,” she says. “So, it is the key ingredient across the whole range [of KORA], but we use other powerful ingredients that work synergistically with the Noni to amp up all the other benefits.”

She continues: “I’m really proud of these products because they really work and give people results. That’s what I want people to understand: It’s quite logical that if you feed your skin with the right nutrients, it’s going to be more radiant. Healthy skin is the most beautiful skin.” In addition, education is a big part of KORA. “For me, I don’t want to put anything on my skin just for the sake of putting it on my skin. I really want it to give me the results I need. Therefore, having these ingredients be certified organic, it’s so much more powerful and potent and results-driven, as opposed to others that are just clean beauty,” she explains. “The philosophy at KORA is to feed your mind with positive affirmations and self-love and feed your body with the nutrients it needs to function at its best if you have a little supplement, and then feed your skin with the products that help detoxify it, nourish it and give it that glow.”

Kerr’s mission is always one of positivity across all of her endeavors. “With everything I do, the intention is that it’s uplifting,” she says. For the skincare, this means all products are filtered through rose quartz crystals in the manufacturing process, and on the back of every product there are words such as bliss, love and joy to give that uplifting energy. “There’s that intent behind it so you feel that nurturing energy when you’re coming into contact with the product,” she says.


This summer, the model delivers her newest baby, Miranda Kerr Home, launched in collaboration with Universal Furniture. Entitled LOVE.JOY.BLISS, the collection consists of nearly 50 furnishings for living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and office. Home design has always had a special place in Kerr’s heart. “I really wanted these pieces to feel at ease when they’re in your home, and then work together with what people already have,” she says. “I feel excited that people hopefully will enjoy them and keep them in their home forever.”

Kerr is well aware that home is more important than ever these days. “To me, the biggest luxury in the world is to be home and be in one spot,” she says. “I feel blessed that I am able to work from home and continue to run my business from home. I know so many people don’t have that luxury, and that’s why it was really important for my husband and me to donate to people who are really affected by the coronavirus, focusing on areas like health and food security, housing, financial hardships and more.” As a family, Kerr and Spiegel have donated to 29 organizations that helped individuals and groups affected by COVID-19, and KORA Organics joined the Beauty Initiative, donating its bestselling products to first responders in Los Angeles, New York City and Sydney. “We’re doing what we can to provide for all of those who don’t have the luxury of being at home,” Kerr adds.

Despite the challenges facing the world, she remains hopeful. “When I look at my children, I see so much opportunity for change in a new generation,” she says. “As a mum, I feel so blessed to be in the position to teach my boys what it means to lead with love and an open heart for those around you.” A good lesson for us all.

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Photography by: Photos by Jan Welters / Trunk Archive