Nicole Miller's Artelier Collection

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1 - Nicole Miller's Artelier Collection

Thirty years after designing the first dress for her eponymous runway brand, Nicole Miller is debuting her Artelier collection, a sportswear line that offers dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, and knitwear for today’s busy woman. Miller stays true to her interest by incorporating tailored shapes, graphic prints, and saturated hues that echo her interests in art and design. We checked in with the busy designer at The King of Prussia Mall’s Neiman Marcus store, where she attended a fashion show to debut the new collection.

Philadelphia Style: Tell me about spring collection.

Nicole Miller: This is the debut of my new Artelier collection, the sportswear line. This is its first season in stores and its first season in Neiman Marcus.

PS: What trends popping up for spring do you especially love?

NM: I think color is really strong. There are still a lot of the boxy tops with narrow bottoms; our Georgette boxy tops have done very well. Our tech skirt cropped pants have been big sellers, too.

PS: What colors have you incorporated into the collection?

NM: I’m wearing salmon and chartreuse, but there are a lot of red-oranges and mustards—it runs the gamut. But blue has been very popular, too. It took a long time for it to come back in again.

PS: Do you see a need for a collection like this in the Philadelphia market?

NM: Definitely. There are plenty of neutrals around, and plenty of basics. We have all these digital prints, our prints are very unusual, and we have unique use of color. I think the customer really wants newness; I think she wants something that’s not out there.

PS: When you’re visiting Philadelphia, what do you like to do?

NM: My father’s family is from around here so I’ve been coming to Philadelphia for years. Philadelphia has amazing restaurants, so for me this city is all about going out to dinner. I remember going to Le Bec-Fin. The original Buddakan is here, and Morimoto.

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