Perfect Clothing Summer Essentials with Henry A. Davidsen

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We’ve all been through a lot of changes in the last year. Many of us have pushed our formal wear to the back of the closet and replaced our trousers with joggers. We recently turned to the bustling team of sartorialists at Henry A. Davidsen, Master Tailors & Image Consultants to learn about their process for a closet audit. Now that we’ve completed this audit and begun to redefine our personal style, what are some essential items we need to add? President and CEO Brian Lipstein gets us comfortable with a few ways we can elevate our style in 2021.


What are two must-have pieces we need in our summer closets?

Let’s start with casual clothing since that’s where many of us live these days. Drawstring trousers and dressy joggers made from natural fibers (think luxury here—linen/wool/silk blends) are slowly making their way over from Europe, while five-pocket dress pants continue to grow in populartiy. It’s a great reminder that ultimate luxury and comfort can be attained without having to sacrifice your personal style. This is a chance to be ahead of a trend!

I think custom polo shirts are currently the must-have item. This is one of our signature offerings at Henry A. Davidsen—it’s the perfect way to get a perfect fit and an article of clothing that is exclusively you.

Start by choosing your base fabric, then select from more than 20 style options and 100 contrast trims to create your one-of-a-kind shirt. You choose every detail, down to the buttons, even the buttonhole threads. It’s a great reminder that casual isn’t an excuse to be sloppy, and doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality, comfort, or fit.

Beyond that, deconstructed sport coats are truly having a moment. They elevate your look, but are made of comfortable jersey-weave fabrics. They will stretch and feel more like a sweater, but they're breathable and have the ability to be dressed up or down depending upon what you wear with them.

A deconstructed sport coat might be the lightest weight garment you wear - it won't feel like you're wearing a sport coat at all, but it maintains an elevated look that will be a breath of fresh air (and personal flair!) after all those not-so-elegant Zoom calls.


What should someone look for when adding items to their summer looks?

Traditionally, light and bright colors are for summer. This still holds true. I recommend light greys, bright blues, or colorful pastels like coral and seafoam. They go well with warmer weather and bright sunshine.

Think about fabrics that are also lightweight and more breathable for the summer months. You can’t go wrong with a tropical weight wool, wool/linen blend, or even newer cloths featuring blends of bamboo and silk. Especially when made in a deconstructed method, these materials will all feel light as air.


When adding items to your wardrobe, what questions do you want the wearer to answer? How do you factor new items into the overall look—beyond just the season?

At Henry A. Davidsen, we believe personal style is about who you are. Looks must feel authentic, and you must feel comfortable and confident in your clothing.

We want to know what audiences you might be in front of in any particular outfit. Are you attending a summer wedding on the beach? Are you in the office? Has a client invited you to spend the day on a yacht? Each of these situations could require a unique design element.

Once you’ve covered your basic pieces, that’s when you can really start having fun. Design for specific purposes and individual situations. Be bold and creative. But always start by designing for your personality, so the look becomes timeless and tailored to you.

One of the many benefits of working with an image professional is that we assemble a file for you. Incorporating new pieces with your existing wardrobe becomes easier. You don’t have to start from scratch with a new salesperson every time. The team understands your personality and your style, and it truly gives you a voice in building your personal brand.

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Photography by: Andre Flewellen & Henry A. Davidsen