How to Make Your Eyes Pop Beyond The Mask According to Dr. Brannon Claytor

By Antonia DePace | February 18, 2021 | Style & Beauty


Never did we think that face masks would become an essential part of our wardrobes; nor did we think it would affect our beauty routines. Here, we catch up with Dr. Brannon Claytor of Claytor Noone Plastic Surgery ( to see how to make your eyes pop beyond the mask.

Wearing masks has brought a new focus to the eye area. Are there any repetitive beauty fixes that are becoming more popular because of this?

Botox treatments for reducing wrinkles have always been popular, but mask-wearing has brought an increased awareness to the role our eyes play. Botox can give you a quick, chemical brow lift, soften crow’s feet and reduce frown lines. By relaxing the muscles that pull down around the eyes, they appear more rested and youthful.

What treatments do you recommend to make your eye area look better than ever?

Eyelift surgery—also known as blepharoplasty— is the best treatment to improve your eyes. Blepharoplasty surgery removes excess skin and fat from both the upper and lower lids. With only two weeks of downtime, this surgical facial refresher results in the eyes looking brighter and more youthful. For those with dark circles beneath their eyes, nanofat injected in this area reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reduces those dark smudges while simultaneously increasing the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

How has the pandemic affected the cosmetic surgery industry?

While Zoom, Google Hangouts and Facetime have enabled many to work from home, these modalities have also led to an increase in individuals scrutinizing those thumbnail images of themselves on the screen. Some have called it the ‘Zoom Boom’ in cosmetic surgery, and we have been busier than ever before. Because we have our own AAAASF surgical facility at the office, and the fact that patients have more flexibility in their schedules for recovery, those who had been waiting for a break in their busy lives to treat themselves to a rejuvenating treatment have time now to recover from facial rejuvenation and body contouring surgery.

Photography by: IVAN PANTIC/ISTOCK