Q&A with Kp Aesthetics: Feel Your Best on the Best Day!

By Kp Aesthetics By Kp Aesthetics | May 29, 2024 | Sponsored Post, Wedding Features,


What motivated you to start your business?

I started Kp Aesthetics over 8 years ago now, before Med Spas were popping up on every corner! Back then, there really was a gap in the market. I saw that there weren't a lot of places that filled the space of being more elevated than a typical facial spa, but also not as surgical or sterile as a plastic surgeon's office in this area. I wanted to offer injections and services in a professional but laid back more personal environment and I think we have done that successfully!

What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

My current favorite trend for weddings is simplicity! I love a bride who still looks like her everyday self, just an elevated version! Gone are the days of a bold makeup look and a stiff updo! Let your natural beauty shine through!


What makes your business or brand stand out?

What makes my business stand out is our attention to detail and our dedication to our clients. When you come into Kp, expect to be greeted by a front end staff member that calls you by your first name and recalls a detail from your conversation that you had at your previous appointment. Your service providers will always go above and beyond to not only provide the best results, but also make you feel like you're spending time with one of your friends!

How far in advance should couples/ brides book your business?

Couples/ brides should book their initial appointment at Kp a year in advance! We need to get you in and get you a treatment plan in place to address your concerns! If it is something minor like a glowy complexion with a Neurotoxin appointment and a little plump to the lip, coming in 1-2 months prior to the wedding might be all you need! If you have acne/ acne scarring we might need to start your series of treatments 9-10 months prior! So it all depends, but the most important thing is that there is a plan in place!


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