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By Jill Kushner By Jill Kushner | June 29, 2022 | Sponsored Post, Wedding Features,


Every couple has a tale and Mario Oliveto Photography wishes to tell yours…Mario Oliveto, an award-triumphing Philadelphia based photographer, excels in luxurious wedding ceremony photography. His outgoing persona and robust presence make not only his clients, but all attendees the best versions of themselves.

When asked about the incentive behind his business, he stated that, my passion for art has propelled me to where I am now. To be honest I never thought about starting a business; I created my way to where I am. I knew that I wanted to spend my time photographing, capturing moments, and creating art. Here we are now; 10 years later capturing gorgeous events worldwide.” Mario finds gratification through his clients and the creative freedom he has when they possess a “go-with-the-flow mentality.”


Oliveto goes above and beyond the obvious with his inventive vision, remodeling the everyday into terrific artwork. “There’s a difference between looking and seeing. Train yourself to see. A camera is simply a tool to show you how I see the world,” said Mario. Departing from conventional posed photographs, Mario excels in capturing love, happiness, and exhilaration for the duration of the wedding planning process. While being aside you, he's capable of documenting your tale via the art of photography.


Specifically, by capturing raw emotion, Oliveto continues to inspire those he surrounds by providing clarity in a world full of chaos. With societal advancements in technology, photographers like Mario continue to play an essential figure in those lives he enters. Each image he captures connects his customers to their past, reminiscing of the people, feelings, and locations that they remember the most. He helps us relive the fond memories that made us who we are today.

When booking Mario, he recommends couples should request his attendance 18 months to 24 months out.


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