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By Society Blooms with DIY By Society Blooms with DIY | January 24, 2023 | Sponsored Post Wedding Features


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

Our best advice to couples is to try and enjoy the process. There are a lot of decisions to be made so try to lean into it and embrace the creative process. Trust your vision and your event professionals’ abilities to guide you through it and try to have a lil fun with it. It will be here before you know it!


What is your favorite trend for weddings currently?

Honestly, our favorite trends are the ones where the couples are staying true to themselves and their personal style. The best weddings are the ones where the couples focus on their vision and how they want their wedding to feel and be experienced by their guests. Personally, we have a great love for bold colors and fun patterns and would love to see more weddings embracing interesting pattern/color concepts.

What is something you constantly strive for?

We constantly strive to meet our clients’ personal expectations for their events and to make them happy and at ease. We want to have all the conversations and input we can to make sure the vision we create is aligned with everyone involved in the design process. We are striving to do the best we can for each client we work with.


What sets your brand or business apart?

Our company focuses on full design as well as floral design. We will curate the linens, rentals, lighting, etc. to create a cohesive look throughout the entire event. We also only take one event a weekend so we can solely focus on the event at hand. We are constantly looking for new and unique ways to create tailored wedding experiences. We also have a diy/workshop component to our company where we can help layer in an experiential guest experience as well.


What would you like to be the new trend for weddings?

Oddly enough, that there are no trends. Individuality, that couples worry less about what others did/are doing and what is hot at the moment and really think about what they want and what is reflective of their individual spirits and styles. I think getting caught up in the trend of the moment if you're picking it just because it's trendy can backfire later down the road when reflecting back on the day. Having what YOU want and really focusing on what you want that day to look/feel like and how you want your guests to experience your wedding from your perspective.


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