Tips, Trends and Insight from Wedding and Fashion Photographer Tyler Boye

By Jessica Marcou of Hitched Productions By Jessica Marcou of Hitched Productions | January 24, 2024 | Sponsored Post Wedding Features


What is your best advice for engaged couples?

After you secure your date and venue, prioritize booking your dream photographer. After your wedding day, your photos and videos are all you have to look back on and remember your day. Hire a team who will plan for all potential outcomes and that you can trust.

What do you think is essential for any wedding?

Time and love. You need to give your photographer and yourself time to curate and capture the photos you want, and love is the spark and magic of any sublime photograph.


What is something you constantly strive for?

During the planning process we strive to create the best day-of plan possible for each event with backup locations in mind for photos. On the day-of the wedding, we execute the plan and stay calm under pressure when things need to change. I am constantly striving to capture the intricate elements of the day such as the fashion, decor, accessories, and most importantly the emotional expressions, to tell a comprehensive and beautiful visual story. I am always looking for unique angles, perspectives, and compositions that can elevate our photos and make them stand out.


What would you like to be the new trend for weddings?

I would love for each couple to invest time in customizing 2 to 3 designs or day-of details that speak to their relationship and what they love to do together as a couple. These could be little things such as a favorite quote embroidered on your jacket, dress, or veil, custom cufflinks or signage for your favorite cocktails, a seating chart display that gives a nod to your favorite travel destinations or pets, or even a backdrop designed within the style of your favorite artist. These small details are authentic and sentimental, making your day and photos more unique.


What sets your brand or business apart?

Our pre-production team provides a personalized experience for each of our couples. We tailor our approach to each couple's unique needs, timeline and style preferences resulting in photographs and films that unmistakably reflect the personalities of the couple.

What is the most gratifying part of your business?

There are few occupations that engage you in the full spectrum of human emotions and experiences. I consider myself fortunate to be with my clients on their wedding day full of tears of joy and overwhelming hope for a beautiful future, at the ecstatic moment their partner proposes, when they are pregnant or celebrating the seminal events of their lives. I love capturing raw and genuine emotions on the most important days, love, joy, and connection. It is incredibly fulfilling. These photos become treasured memories for my clients and their families, for years into the future. I consider it the highest praise and flattery when I am asked to photograph their siblings, cousins, and friends’ weddings. Every event is my honor and privilege, to be present and preserve their stories.


Photography by: Courtesy of Tyler Boye Photography