Total Luxury: Primary Care With a Personal Touch

By Andrew Byrd By Andrew Byrd | May 26, 2021 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Devine Concierge Medicine is revolutionizing primary medical care by making it more personalized and more accessible.


With years of expertise and training at some of the world’s most prestigious and storied institutions, Drs. Michael & Daniel Devine founded Devine Concierge Medicine with the goal of improving their patients’ healthcare experience in today’s often fractured and chaotic system. Starting their own boutique primary care practice has enabled the brothers to bypass the outside influences of insurance companies and profit-driven corporate structures to bring a more personalized approach to their practice in the suburbs of Philadelphia.

“Deeply personal, medicine has the power to be transformative - touching lives at some of their most vulnerable moments,” says Dr. Daniel Devine. “Unfortunately, much of it has become rushed and transactionary, losing the essence of what has separated the profession from others for millennia. As physicians, with an intimate understanding of these shortcomings, we saw an opening to carefully curate a very special primary care practice that delivers an unparalleled experience.”

Guaranteeing same-day house-call appointments and around the clock, direct access to a personal physician, the brothers have set a new standard in primary care. Through use of highly portable, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, they offer full-scope primary care with a focus on disease prevention and healthy aging in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of their clients very own homes.

“Our clients enjoy total peace-of-mind knowing their health and well-being are secure,” says Dr. Michael Devine. “We devote our time, energy, and absolute focus to their care, looking out for them and treating them as we would a beloved family member.”

This luxurious and highly personalized approach, however, is exclusively offered to members of the practice, of which the number is strictly limited to maintain the finest standard. For those lucky enough to gain access, the experience is simply superlative. Imagine the total sense of wellbeing you can enjoy knowing a highly distinguished physician, who knows you well, is looking after your health and longevity – and is never more than a simple phone call or text message away.

Whether you are a busy professional with a tight schedule, a care-taker of an aging parent, or health-conscious and interested in preserving your own vitality, there is simply no replacement. This is primary care, for your world - and the investment is priceless.

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