Trending Cosmetic Procedures: What's Hot in 2022

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Want to step into summer looking refreshed? You’re not alone. Cosmetic procedures are in demand as weather warms up and isolation winds down. And the benefits don’t necessarily end at looks. Carefully considered treatments can improve your confidence, too.

“Eating well, exercising – we do these things in part because looking better helps us feel better,” says Ivona Percec, MD, PhD, Associate Director of Penn Cosmetic Surgery at Penn Medicine. “The same can be said for enhancing our appearance. When approached realistically, cosmetic procedures aren’t superficial. They’re an extension of self-care.”

These cosmetic treatments are hot in 2022:


Volbella undereye filler

Quick, painless Volbella injectable filler has been filling lips and smoothing facial lines for years. And Volbella was recently FDA-approved for another part of the face: Infraorbital hollows. The delicate area beneath the eyes (often called bags), infraorbital hollows can darken from strain and get puffy when we’re tired and as we age – but can be rejuvenated with Volbella.

“Eye strain and blue light exposure from added screen time these past few years have made a lot of us eager for the improved undereye look that Volbella can offer,” Dr. Percec says. “Volbella is very soft and forgiving and lasts awhile – up to 12 months; sometimes longer.”

And the benefits keep coming. Because it’s a synthetic version of hyaluronic acid that resembles natural body sugars, Volbella rarely swells, and is a fit for most candidates. Better yet, it offers great results.


Sculptra collagen stimulator

Like Volbella, Sculptra is injected into the skin and isn’t technically a filler. But instead of filling tissue with synthetic acid, it actually stimulates the body’s production of natural collagen, achieving similar and sometimes better results than other injectables.

“Sculptra looks particularly natural, and results usually last at least two years from the first treatment session,” Dr. Percec says. “A lot of patients also favor Sculptra because it works gradually.”

Long used off-label for the face, Sculptra was recently FDA-approved for specific facial use and is usually more affordable than other injectable fillers.

“Sculptra is great if you want to boost collagen without bovine or hyaluronic acid injections, and for older patients experiencing pan-facial volume loss,” Dr. Percec says. “It can also benefit very thin patients with high metabolism whose faces appear gaunt.”


Penile girth enhancement

Another procedure south of the face is also gaining traction: Penile augmentation. It’s important to note that no cosmetic procedure can improve penis function or length. However, injectable fillers, collagen-stimulating Sculptra, and surgical fat grafting (sometimes called fat augmentation) can be used to increase penis circumference, or girth.

“Penile augmentation is a procedure to approach realistically,” Dr. Percec says. “It cannot resolve marital issues or larger psychological issues. Ask yourself, ‘What am I trying to achieve?’ When goals are reasonable, it can help sexual confidence and confidence overall.”

After a long winter and a long pandemic mostly spent indoors, there’s no better time to invest in self-care – and look and feel better than ever before.

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