Wed in Luxury: 7 Reasons Why Aruba Is the Best Destination Wedding Locale

By Lauren Stone By Lauren Stone | February 5, 2024 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

An island wedding is always beautiful, but this Caribbean destination creates a one-of-a-kind sense of magic that stays with the couple—and the guests.

Everyone wants their wedding to be an event to remember—obviously for themselves, but for their guests, too. Aruba’s crystal clear waters, warm and welcoming culture, and exquisite venues evoke a magical feeling that every visitor carries with them when they leave. We sat down with Aruba-based independent wedding planner Nicole Verdam to learn more about what makes Aruba such a special wedding destination.

Wedding_on_the_Beach.jpgAruba has the most sunny days of any island in the Caribbean.

Perfect weather year-round

No couple wants to navigate rainy, miserable weather on their wedding day. While wedding season coincides with hurricane season in the Caribbean, Aruba is uniquely placed outside the hurricane belt, meaning the island enjoys primarily clear skies and warm temperatures all year long. In fact, Aruba has the most sunny days of the year in all of the Caribbean.

Stress-free planning

While it might seem easier to host a wedding close to home, Aruba’s on-site wedding planners prove the opposite. “We are the liaison between the couple and the vendors,” Verdam says. “They don't have to deal with anyone directly—the florist, makeup artist, decorator or photographer. We look for them, and we are the contact person for the vendors, so the couple doesn't have to manage those things.”

On-site planners also help to ease some of the wedding day stress by ensuring guests are comfortable and attended to so the couple can focus on each other. “Making sure that everyone has arrived and is taken care of is a major stressor,” Verdam says. “We do that for them, so most of my brides have a very relaxed wedding experience.”

13_CAYA_B_0154.jpgAruba’s on-site wedding planners ensure that guests are always taken care of.

Wide variety of venues

Of course, Aruba is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, but the range of wedding location options extends far beyond the white sand and clear waters. From luxurious resorts like the Ritz Carlton and Hyatt to gorgeous boutique hotels like Bucuti and Ocean Villas, Aruba offers a plethora of sumptuous, one-of-a-kind wedding locales.

And with an on-site planner, couples can customize to their heart’s desire. “Once, we built a stage on the beach,” Verdam says. “Then we built an oversized arch on top of the stage, covered in flowers. We’ve also built full flooring on the beach.”

Magnificent cultural experience

With more than 100 cultures in Aruba, the island is a melting pot of vivacious people, traditions and experiences. As one of the warmest and most welcoming cultures in the Caribbean, Aruba locals are always excited to share their world with visitors.

Verdam can help couples incorporate the Aruban culture into their big day in several ways—the most popular being carnival dancers. “Carnival is a very important part of our culture,” Verdam says. “Having carnival dancers present at the wedding is a very nice surprise for guests. It gives the event a local feeling.” It’s even more meaningful this year, as 2024 marks the 70th year of Carnival in Aruba.

Another way to incorporate the culture is Hora Loca—a performance an hour before the end of the wedding that incorporates local music, dances and props. Verdam also notes that couples can include Aruban snacks like Pastechi, an empanada-like dish made with fried dough and meat (a delicious option for a late-night snack bar).

01_PALMBEACH_A_0334.jpgAruba’s crystal clear waters evoke a sense of ease and calm.

Breathtaking beaches

It’s impossible to talk about Aruba without mentioning its stunning beaches. Because of the island’s crushed white coral sand and cooling tradewinds, its beaches are ideally suited for romance—from a walk along the water to a scenic nuptial ceremony.

Many of the luxury resorts and hotels are situated in the gorgeous Palm Beach area on the northern coast of the island, where the calm, crystal-clear waters create a dreamy backdrop. Outside of the resort areas, one of the most popular spots to say “I do” at is the award-winning Eagle Beach, according to Verdam.

“The sand is very, very fine,” she says. “It’s also very white sand—one of the whitest beaches here. And it’s very wide, making it a little quieter. Even though all Aruba beaches are public, it’s easy to create a sense of privacy on Eagle Beach because there's so much space.”

Eagle Beach is also the site of the Caribbean’s largest vow renewal ceremony, Aruba I Do. Each year, hundreds of couples come from around the world to celebrate their love here.

Couple_Walking_on_the_Beach.jpgThe fine, crushed white coral sand makes the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll along the water.

Exciting adventures

Whether you want to incorporate a unique experience into your wedding activities, or just want your guests to make the most of their trip, the adventures Aruba offers will have everyone planning a return visit. The concierges make it incredibly easy to book excursions like snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing and more.

For guests interested in exploring the island, Verdam recommends taking a guided tour and perusing some local gems. “I always recommend visiting a local restaurant because you get to see a different side of the culture,” she says. “The shacks alongside the road with local snacks are also great options to experience more of the island life.”

One group activity that’s always a hit is booking a catamaran for the wedding party. With an open bar and music on board, Verdam says this is a great option for brunch the morning after the wedding. She also notes that couples can book party buses to take their group around to various local bars.

20_EAGLEBEACH_D_0694.jpgWith easy-to-book activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and windsurfing, guests will want to stay long after the ceremony ends.

Safe and accessible

When booking a destination wedding, you want it to be as seamless for you and your guests as possible—and Aruba makes that easy. With direct flights from the U.S. every day, an array of transportation options and most resorts being only about a 20-minute drive from the airport, accessibility is a top priority of the island.

Aruba is also one of the Caribbean's safest and most welcoming islands. Since the locals are so open to visitors, there are very few places off-limits for discovery, and you’re safe no matter where you go. The island is covered in biking and hiking trails that are maintained and open to the public.

Verdam’s biggest piece of advice for anyone getting married in Aruba? “Make sure you add on a week after the wedding itself. Enjoy the island, especially after all the guests leave, and take time for yourselves.”

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