What You Need to Know About Laser Skin Treatments

By Allison Sirchio By Allison Sirchio | January 26, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


Laser skincare, it can sound a little intimidating. Maybe it even sounds painful. You may even be imagining a lot of downtime and a big price tag.

“Lasers don’t have to be any of those things with the technology available today,” says Dr. Ran Stark, a double-board-certified plastic surgeon and owner of StarkMD Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center in Bryn Mawr, PA. “The Sciton Laser is the “gold standard” system for custom laser resurfacing.” StarkMD Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Center recently introduced the latest device from Sciton, the mJoule™ which features both the MOXI™ and the BBL HERO™. Dr. Stark says, “MOXI is a new non-ablative laser which works on pigment and fine lines,” and he goes on to share that this feature can “really revitalize your skin to give it a nice shine”. The MOXI™ is ideal for active patients looking to correct the initial signs of sun damage and aging, according to Sciton, the maker of the mJoule platform. The treatment can be done over lunch, in under 30 minutes the company boasts.

If you are looking for additions to your MOXI, Dr. Stark recommends also looking at the BBL HERO. “It works like a traditional BroadBand Light,” which Sciton is well-known for in the skincare and laser industry as having the most powerful IPL (intense pulsed light) “but with a faster treatment that can move up and down your arms, your legs, your chest, your back,” and the advantage to the BBL is the “clean up of your skin from your browns and reds in very quick time,” says Stark.


Still worried about the downtime? Don’t worry. Dr. Stark shares that “the other great part about the mJoule platform is the minimal downtime. With either treatment, expect about 30 minutes and then you’re ready to shine and look great.” And, with either treatment, either a local numbing agent may be applied, but not always necessary.

The treatments can be done separately or performed together. Dr. Stark recommended patients receive 3-4 MOXI treatments to see outstanding results, and there may be additional maintenance needed annually. For the BBL HERO, Dr. Stark states that “patients may see results in single treatment, we would advise for the best results to have 2-3 treatments.”

To learn more about pricing, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Stark or one of his licensed medical aestheticians by calling 484.482.8809.


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