We Check In With Scout's Managing Partner Lindsey Scannapieco

By Kristin Detterline | September 15, 2020 | People Feature

Managing Partner, Scout, scout-ltd.com

Style is a state of mind, as Lindsey Scannapieco knows all too well. We sit down with the sartorial star from years past to talk work, wardrobes and world affairs.

The biggest change since I was last featured is...

I got engaged to a lovely man named Sandy. We were supposed to get married this summer, but it was really important to us both that our families are here for the occasion and, unfortunately, his family is located in Australia!

My outlook has shifted by...

recognizing that we shouldn’t go back to ‘normal.’ We need to change systems that have not been working for a long time.

I am supporting my local community by...

thinking about how our space and platform can be used to support others. We have one of the largest outdoor spaces in the city at Bok Bar, and this summer we worked to open this up to food entrepreneurs, thought leaders, fitness classes and others that otherwise could not operate.

Philly shops I love to support are...

I’m absolutely in awe of all things Yowie. I adore Vagabond Boutique. My favorite professional outfit is my wrap dress from Lobo Mau. Flowers from Walter Pine and cookies from Machine Shop Boulangerie brighten any day. I just had some stunning earrings made by Bevy of Objects for my wedding that I’m obsessed with. I love to buy friends candles by Carl Durkow.

I never expected that...

I would buy a cute mask online.


Photography by: Phil Kramer